Baby Proof Fireplace




Introduction: Baby Proof Fireplace

We have a fireplace in our living room, which happens to be where our son likes to play. He is very active and as parents, have been worried about him hitting his head on the brick/concrete. So we decided to look at ways to cover this. Wr tried just putting pillows there, and although that would work, it was not the best solution. After looking online, we decided to see if we can make a bench that will work. We needed it to be sturdy enough to sit on, soft enough that if our son hit his head on it it would not hurt, and also needs to be able to be removed for when we use the fireplace.

Step 1: Gather Materials

For this we used:

Various pieces of pine wood


Floor screws

Wood Glue

Foam Flooring

Adhesive Spray

Seat Stuffing

Old Sheet

Stable Gun


Heavy Objects

Circular Saw


Scissors / Exacto Knife

Step 2: Measure and Cut

Cut the following (all to fit around the fireplace - measurements will be different for each fireplace and need)

1 long flat piece to be the top (where you sit)

1 long flat piece to be the front

2 short pieces for the sides

2 pieces of wood to support the seat between the mantle and seat

Step 3: Assemble Seat

Started on one side and began screwing in the boards to make a box. Screwed the front piece to the top piece and the supporting side pieces.

Step 4: Trim Seat to Fit

Using a jigsaw and circular saw, we cut out the fireplace insert so that the bench will sit flush against the brick

Step 5: Add Seat Support

Using a couple of boards and a few screws, placed a couple pieces of wood to support the seat. This will rest on the fireplace

Step 6: Add Floor Foam

Using woodglue, we placed foam flooring to the bench to help create a base for where the stuffing will sit for the seat. Using heavy objects to place on the floor to help make it stick

Step 7: Trim Flooring

Using Scissors or an exacto knife, begin trimming the flooring

Step 8: Spray Adhesive and Place Stuffing

Using the spray adhesive, we sprayed the whole bench (Do this step outside as the spray stinks and sticks to everything!)

We placed the stuffing over the bench and applied pressure to make it stick.

Using scissors, we trimmed the extra.

Step 9: Put Cover on and Staple

After the stuffing is on and all trimmed, it is time to put the cover on.

Using a sheet of your choice (we used an old bed sheet) start at one corner and pull it tight. When creases are gone, staple the sheet on the bottom or inside of the box (do not staple where it will be seen)

Continue to pull and staple the sheet until the whole box is covered.

Once all stapled, use scissors to trim the sheet and remove an extra.

Staple any other loose sections or hanging pieces

Step 10: Check Placement and Add Pillows

Once done, place the bench back to check the fit. Once happy with the fit, add some pillows for decorations.

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