Introduction: Baby Toy

Want to get a toy for your lovely baby, but don't want to spend money on it too much? Well, you are at the right place. I've made a cheap baby toy that all babies will enjoy. Check it out.

Step 1: Materials

Here's the materials you'll need for this project.

  • a wire (per set)
  • a led (per set)
  • a 10 kilo ohm resistor (per set)
  • a box
  • a box cutter

Step 2: Assemble the Materials

  1. Wrap the resistor around the shorter end of the LED
  2. Wrap a short wire on the other end of the resistor(optional, it's just for decoration)
  3. connect a long wire on the long side of the LED and connect it to a digital pin, then a set is done.
  4. After you are all done it should look like picture three
  5. If so, put the whole thing in a box with its cover cut open a little bit so the wire could show.
  6. Remember to plug a really long wire to GND as

Step 3: Coding

Step 4: Let's See It in Action!

Use the long wire connected to the GND to touch the end of the resistor to activate the LED.