Introduction: Baby Yoda Cardboard Keychain

About: Hi! I'm an Austrian small Youtuber living in the UK. I love upcycling trash into treasures, especially creating small things like jewelry and gems. Fandom related crafts are a lot of fun for me as well.

Hey fellow Baby Yoda fans!

If you want to display your love for "the child" or need a gift for another fan, here's a simple method to make a cute keychain out of cardboard.

Some of you might be thinking - cardboard? That's gonna break with the force of a baby. Maybe with Baby Yoda's force, but if you use the right kind of cardboard, it will feel close to wood when you're done and strong enough to endure being squished in a bag.. or punched by storm troopers?

Anyway... let's start!

Step 1: Use a Template

I recommend drawing a template or using the one that I made. My template size is roughly 6cm x 3cm. If you're making your own, the ears shouldn't be too long and thin so the pendant will be more durable.

Step 2: Salvage Some Cardboard

As a base I'm using some very strong cardboard. Mine comes from a box of chocolates.

For the other layers I'm using thin cardboard like from a cereal box.

Step 3: Cut Out the Parts

We're gonna use the template multiple times: First, use the full template on the stronger cardboard.

Then cut the template as you see it in the picture or video and make three more pieces using the thinner cardboard.

You should be left with 4 different pieces - the strong base, and three thinner layers.

Step 4: Put It All Together

I'm using a glue stick to glue them together. Any glue should work, just be sure not to use too much of any liquid glue, so the cardboard doesn't get warped. Also, if any glue leaks out it might look messy when you paint it.

The next step might sound cruel, but it's necessary: We need to make a hole in the baby's head using a map tack. (Be strong Baby Yoda!)

Step 5: Bring Him to Life With Color

And now you can paint it all black using acrylic paint. This will also make the piece stronger. Don't use any water though.

Once that is dry, you can give it some color. Use a dry brush and a little paint to build up the color to your liking.

Add some cute black eyes and some white dots -I used pencils as "dotting tools", but you can also use a toothpick.

Step 6: Let the Baby Protect Your Keys

Lastly, you only need to attach a jump ring or some string and put everything on a keyring! So many rhymes.

Enjoy parenting your own little Baby Yoda and bringing him along on your adventures!