Introduction: Baby Yoda Chia Pet

Hello, and welcome to my Instructable on how to create a DIY Baby Yoda Chia Pet!

For this project, I created a grass planter model of the most beloved Star Wars character, "Baby Yoda"!

Hand painting a 3D printed model was something completely new to me for this project, however, I am pretty happy with the results! Let's get into it!


- 3D Printer

- PLA 3D Print Filament (I used gray, 3D Solutech, 1.75mm filament with great results)

- Sidecutters or similar small, sharp tool

- Assorted grit sandpaper

- Flat White Primer

- Various shades of acrylic paint

- Small Paint Brushes

- Potting Soil

- Grass Seed or other small plant seed (I just used leftover grass seed from my lawn)

Step 1: Preparing Model

To begin, I remixed a model from Thingiverse. I used jamesjenuwine's "Baby Yoda ( The Mandalorian )" to model my Baby Yoda planter. I adapted the print file to include a recessed hole to plant grass or similar small plants in the head of the sculpture.

The print file that I created can be found on Thingiverse at the following link:

Step 2: Print Model

I used my Creality Ender 3, 3D printer with 1.75mm, gray, 3D Solutech PLA filament to print the model. Using a brim raft and full supports, I had great print results. I printed the model with 20% infill and also had success with the strength of the model.

Step 3: Model Post-Processing

Following the removal of the model from my printer, I did some post-print processing. First, I used my sidecutters to remove all support and raft material. This step could also be completed with another sharp object.

Next, I used a progression of sandpaper to smooth the entire model starting at 100 grit moving to 160 grit and finishing at 200 grit. This removed all of the plastic burrs left by the support materials and smoothed layer lines.

Step 4: Prime the Model

Next, I used a flat white primer to prepare the 3D print surface for the acrylic paint.

When applying, ensure that you cover all of the area on the model that you plan to paint. During the application, the primer should fill all remaining layer gaps in the 3D print and give a finish that is nearly smooth to the touch when dry.

Step 5: Paint Your Baby Yoda

This step was one of the most satisfying and enjoyable processes of the project!

I started by mixing my paint to match the color of Baby Yoda's skin and applied it in three coats in order to get a solid-colored, even finish.

I then added the details with the black eyes, mouth and light orange/pink ears. These details took less coats of paint with the black needing only one and pink/orange needing two.

When beginning this step, I recommend matching the paint colors that you use with the colors on an image of Baby Yoda for the most accurate results.

Step 6: Plant Your Grass/Plant

Now it is time to plant your grass or other small plant!

I used ordinary potting soil and grass seed that I had leftover from when I replanted some patches in my lawn about a year ago.

When planting, put a base layer of dirt down followed by your seeds and then cover the seeds with a thin layer of dirt.

Water your grass and set it in a sunlight location such as a windowsill.

Step 7: Water and Enjoy!

Continue to water, trim, and care for your Baby Yoda Chia pet.

After all, it's only a child!

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