Introduction: Baby Yoda Cradle

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I decided that I'd do this for the Fandom contest, because I thought it would be pretty cool and people would want cradles for their Baby Yodas. I designed this project to be able to hold the Talking Plush Baby Yoda, and this project is based off of his new cradle.

Baby Yoda

Also, I have found a nice red felt for this project. Feel free to use the link provided or your own!


  • Silver Spray Paint-(I used Rust Oleum)
  • Shoebox- (I used a Zappos box)
  • Red Felt (Felt)
  • Hot Glue, Elmer's Glue, Krazy Glue, or Superglue. Either way, you need some kind of strong adhesive to attach the felt if you don't use the link provided)
  • Optional: Talking Plush Baby Yoda, (walmart)
  • Duct Tape, you'll need to use it to fix the box
  • Cardboard

Step 1: Create the Cradle Body

  • If Shoebox,

1: Take the top off and put it back on so that it is at a 90 degree angle from the bottom of the box. You can cut off portions of this to make it more proportional. Duct tape or glue it together.

2: Use the cardboard to make two circles and glue (or Duct tape bubble) them on the angles.

  • If Amazon or Zappos Box:

1: Cut off the front flap of the box. Duct tape or glue it to the top of the box for the roof. Add to it if you need to.

2: Cut off the portion of the side flaps of the box that are not covered by the roof. Cut them down to the sides of the box.

3: Use the cardboard to make two circles and glue (or Duct tape bubble) them on the angles that are formed from the cut out portions of the side flaps.

Step 2: Paint

Once you have the body of the cradle, now it's time to paint.

Spray in thin coats, wait 1-3 hours to put on the felt.

I suggest that you use Rust Oleum, put on many thin coats.

You will need to put on multiple coats of paint to cover markings on the box. The duct tape will show through. Wear gloves and clothes that you are OK with messing up.

Step 3: Attatch Felt

After you wait 3 hours, you can put the felt on. Cover every part on the inside of the cradle, and try not to overlap. Feel free to make tiny little pillows or a blanket. Just make sure that Baby Yoda still fits.

Step 4: Extras

For the Extras, I added a grille at the front and a black stripe on top. You might want to add your own fun additions!

Some design variations you might want to try...

  • Designing it after his original cradle
  • Making it fly
  • Lights
  • Anything else you can think of!

Step 5: Have Fun!

You are finished! Have fun on your next project!

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