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Introduction: Baby Yoda Ornament

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On the fourth day of Christmas my true love gave to me - Baby Yoda.

I don't need to say any more... but I will

Everyone is already in love with the little green 'kid' from The Mandalorian, and what better way to show love for your new favorite Star Wars character AND celebrate Christmas at the same time than by making a Baby Yoda Christmas tree ornament.

Here's how I put it together:


The materials I used: With affiliate links

Green filament -
Sweedish fish ball ornament -
Plastidip -
Acrylic paint pens -
Strip of leather

The tools I used:

3d printer -
Hot glue gun -

Step 1: 3D Printing Baby Yoda

There is an abundance of Baby Yoda models that have surfaced online since he debuted in The Mandalorian. The particular model that I found is no longer online, otherwise I would link it here, but there are options out there to find one.

I took the model I found and brought it into Cova. I scaled it to be 5cm wide, figuring it would be a good size comparable to the ornament he will be put in. Using green filament, I printed the Baby Yoda head out on the 3d printer.

Step 2: Making the Pod

I found a Swedish Fish ornament ball at Target that when I saw it I thought that it would work great as a pod for Baby Yoda.

Taking the ornament apart (and possibly eating the Swedish Fish contained therein), I cut one side of the ornament in half, then glued it back onto the other side. This will be the basic shape of the pod.

Step 3: Painting Baby Yoda

I took the paint pens and started to paint the 3d print of Baby Yoda. I used black, brown and white for the eyes, and red, orange, and yellow for the ears. The rest of his body would be covered up by leather later, so I didn't bother with painting it.

Step 4: Adding an Outfit

To ensure that the Baby Yoda head sat high enough inside the pod that he could be seen, I took a spare piece of 3d print (you could use any rounded object - to try and match the shape of the ornament), and glued the head to it.

I cut a strip of leather, turned it inside out, then glued and wrapped the leather around the "body" of Baby Yoda.

Step 5: Adding the Pod Details

Using the spare piece of ornament that I cut off earlier, I started to add the accent and detail pieces to the pod. This included the trim on the front, the small panel on the front, and the details on the sides.

For the smaller details in the back of the pod I decided to just paint them on, as most of it would not be seen in the tree.

Step 6: Painting the Pod

I made a makeshift spray booth and hung the ornament. I took the plastidip and added 3 layers, letting each layer dry in between each application.

I took the white paint and added a few coats around the outside of pod.

Step 7: Distressing

Starting with the grey paint, I painted the edges of each of the details on the pod, then used some paper towel to quickly wipe off the paint (leaving a messed, distressed look).

I repeated the process over the entire pod, then did the same process with the brown paint.

I took the silver and white paint pens and added highlights back into some of the areas of the pod.

Step 8: Hang. Enjoy. Love.

The last thing to do was to get an ornament hook and hang the little guy up on a Christmas tree.

The force is now strong with this tree.

This is the way.

I have spoken.

Step 9: Watch the Video

Now that you know how it was put together, watch it being done!

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2 years ago

I'm melting! I love it!


2 years ago

this is my favorite ornament of this year :)

Penolopy Bulnick
Penolopy Bulnick

2 years ago

This is so incredibly cute! I just love baby Yoda!!!


Reply 2 years ago

Everyone loves Baby Yoda! For good reason too


2 years ago

EEEEEEE! It's sooo cute! Thanks for sharing it!