Baby Zombie?




Introduction: Baby Zombie?

When I saw the Halloween contest, I knew a lot of people would teach how to make zombie pictures. So I had to use my creativity, and the only thing I could come out with, was Baby Zombie Pictures!

You: --Did you say: Baby Zombie?
Me: --That's right, this instructable will teach you how to turn your baby into a zombie in 10 steps.
You: --Wow! Only ten steps?
Me: --Only Ten, so let's start it, shall we?

1- Choose a baby picture. It can be your's, your baby's or a friend's picture. "Face and sholders pictures are better)
I found the 2nd picture on Google.

2- First, create a new layer and, using the brush, paint both eyes black (3rd picture). Then choose the "Overlay" blending on the layer window. Merge the layer down by pressing ctrl+E.

3-(optional) If the baby is smiling, you might want to use the "Clone Stamp Tool" (4th picture) to erase the smile wrinkles. The baby on my picture wasn't smiling so I didn't really do this step.

4- To cover the mouth (This is good to hide the baby's smile), copy any texture that you like and paste on the picture you're working on (5th picture). Crop it and, using the "Free Transform" (6th picture), resize and rotate as you like. After placing it over the mouth, choose the "Hard Light" blending on the layer window (7th picture).

5-(optional) If you can still see the baby's mouth under the texture (7th picture), you can use the "Clone Stamp Tool" to erase the mouth (8th picture).

Check picture 15!! One day after I did this, I realized that replacing the baby's mouth was just too creepy, so I uploaded a picture of the same baby withouth the mouth texture! I think moms won't want their baby to look THAT creepy.

6- I didn't want to use real wounds to make the picture because it would be too sad for a baby picture, so I used cracked soil texture. Copy any cracked soil texture, paste and resize it to cover the whole face (9th picture), then choose "Overlay" to blend it in.

7- Now just erase the part of the texture that is left outside the face. Choose the background layer and, using the brush, paint the background black (10th picture).

8- You're almost there. Still on the background layer, set a negative value to the "Brightness" and a positive value to the "Contrast" (11th picture). The values are different for every picture so just use trial and error. (The result is on picture 12)

9- Now choose the top layer and lower the "Saturation" (12th picture) to give it a pale look. (The result is on picture 13)

10- Using the "Sponge Tool", choose "Desaturate" and set the flow to "80%" to make the final touches. I used it on the darker side of the face to make the color uneven (13th picture). Use the "Burn Tool" with "80%" flow on the clothes and neck to lower the brightness.

Done, now you can show everyone how frightening your baby is!

I hope you like it, you can also use these steps for non-baby pictures and you can use the burn tool around the eyes to make it even scarier. (I thought it was too much for a baby picture)

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PS: I posted the mouth texture because I got it from a friend, so I don't know how to search for it on Google.

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