Introduction: Baby Fleece Gizmo Suit

i made this for a friend. She wanted something to keep her baby warm this winter but she also wanted it to be an awesome 80's throw back. Hopefully you all liked the movie Gremlins.

Step 1: Pattern

I started by buying a pattern for a baby fleece suit and then I looked up some pictures of Gizmo for reference.

I noticed that Gizmo has white fur around his wrist, up the front in a strip, and on his legs.

I laid out the pattern I had bought and laid tissue paper over it. I traced out the original pattern and then I drew in the panels I needed to be brown. I cut the new panels out of the tissue paper making sure to include a 5/8" seam allowance.

After this I pined the pattern pieces to the fleece and cut the pieces out. 

Step 2: Sewing

I sewed the brown and white panels together so that they formed the original pattern's shape. I used a zig zag stitch.

After that it was just a matter of following the patterns instructions. When that was finished I had a baby sized brown and white onesie with a hood. 

Step 3: Details

Now it was time to add some eyes and ears to make it look more like Gizmo.

The eyes I made out of felt and fleece.

I cut out an almond shaped piece from the white felt and glued on a dark brown circle and then a smaller black circle with fabric glue.

I then wrapped the edge in beige fleece to give it an eyelid look. I then hand stitched the eyes in place on the hood.

For the ears I drew the shape on a piece of cardboard to make sure they were a good size in relation to the whole suit. Then I used that as my template to cut out the fleece. I ironed on some interfacing to the inside of both pieces (to give it more structure). 
I sewed it like a pillow case, inside out, all around the edge accept the narrow part that gets attached to the hood. 

I then flipped it the right way and top stitched some lines to give it some ear details. At this point I noticed that the ears were still very floppy so I inserted a thin strip of plastic at the top of the ear to give it more movement.

I then cut a small hole in the hood and stitched the ears in place. 

And there you have it, awesome 80's winter wear.

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