Introduction: Baby-sized Iron Throne

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Is your tiny tot destined to rule Westeros? No need to collect a thousand swords from your enemies and forge them with dragon fire, this impressive but tiny throne can be easily assembled from craft supplies.

I put together this throne for my son's first birthday over a weekend from materials I already had at home, so as an added bonus it didn't even cost me anything.


  • toddler-sized plastic lawn chair (adirondack style)
  • foam floor mats (the kind that fit together like puzzle pieces)
  • craft foam sheets
  • zip tie
  • paper/cardstock for sword templates
  • grey and silver paint


  • box cutter
  • craft knife
  • scissors
  • hot glue gun and lots of glue for it
  • painting tools

Thank you Mehak Khan Photography for taking the great photos of my son and allowing them to be used for this instructable!

Step 1: Bulking Up the Chair

As soon as we were given this plastic chair I saw the potential for it to become the Iron Throne. The basic shape was already there, it just needed to be filled it a bit.

I cut up foam floor mats and glued the pieces to the back and sides of the chair to fill in the openings.

To create the sword points on the top, I first made a paper template and then cut the shape out of a large piece of the foam floor mat. This piece was glued to the back with hot glue and also secured with a zip tie through the foam and around one of the slats on the plastic chair.

Step 2: Making the Swords

Obviously the most time consuming part of this project was cutting out the swords. My local makerspace was closed, so I didn't have access to a laser cutter and had to cut all the pieces by hand with scissors and a craft knife. If you are lucky enough to have a laser cutter, this part will be much easier.

While there are a lot of swords to cut out, it's actually not as bad as you might think because you can cover most of the chair with long strips of craft foam and only use swords on the top layer.

This throne was a great way to use up all my scraps of craft foam. I cut long pieces and glued them all over the chair with hot glue. The craft foam strips round out the shape to make the chair more like the throne in Game of Thrones. I wasn't too worried about screen accuracy since this is a cute baby chair, after all.

I printed a few different sword templates and cut them out of thin cardboard. I then used the templates to trace the sword shapes onto sheets of craft foam and started cutting out swords.

The craft foam swords were glued over the strips with hot glue, giving it the appearance of being entirely made of swords.

Step 3: Painting

Spray paint can dissolve craft foam, so you will need to use a different paint.

I had some leftover grey acrylic house paint and used that as a base coat on the throne.

After the base coat was dry, the chair was sprayed with silver to make it shiny.

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