Introduction: Bacardi, Starbucks Refresher, and Sprite (a Drink of Pure Awesomeness!)

Alright my peeps it has been awhile but I am back with (another) delicious Starbucks concoction! My friend and I were wanting a tastey drink with some Bacardi Rum so we hit the internet and found nothing -_- sooooo my friend who is a little gone at this point from previous drinks pulls some Starbucks Refresher Lime Via from her purse and exclaims excitedly "We should try this, it would be awesome!" Who says you can't get brilliant ideas under the influence?! So we start gathering our materials and decide we want bubbly so we pillaged the sprite and started a journey to create a drinkk of pure limey via awesomeness! Now this is a fairly simple, quick, and delicious drink and I shall share with you the wisdom of the rum gods and bestow upon you this wonderous recipe (that I am drinking as I type, hence the rambling! YYYYAAAAAYYYY!).

Step 1: Gathering the "goods"

Now we shall gather our ingredients! What you will need:
-Bacardi Rum
-1 packet Starbucks Via Lime Refresher (you can also try it with the very berry hibiscus)
-lime (optional)

NOTE: This will make two 16oz drinks

Step 2: Mix It! Mix It Good!

It's time to put it all together now! So what we did was about 8oz of sprite into each cup and then split the via between the two drinks and stirred it together (do not shake because you make the bubbles go away and it goes flat icky!). Next we did approx. one shot of bacardi into each cup  and topped it off with ice (if you have a lime slice it up into sliver and then mix it into the drink). VOILA your drink of pure awesomness is ready to enjoy! I hope this was somewhat insightful knowledge of a new drink. Enjoy my peeps!