Introduction: [Collegiate Meals] Bachelor Tunasalad Sandwich

A quick and easy recipe for tunasalad sandwiches with a minimum of clean up. This may not be the most flavorful tunafish salad, but a bachelor or college student needs fast, cheap food with a minimum of cleanup.

Step 1: Get Materials

You'll need the following food:
Tunafish (1 can)
Mayonnaise (or salad dressing)

You'll need the following utensils
2 Spoons
Bowl (can substitute paper bowls)
Plate (can substitute paper towel or napkins)
Can opener (P38 is easiest to carry and clean), not shown in image

Step 2: Open and Drain Tunafish

I like to use this strainer (though more to clean up) and let the tunafish drain while I work on the rest.

Step 3: Mix Tunafish Salad

In the bowl:
Add one tablespoon of relish.
Add one tablespoon of mayonnaise.
Add tuna fish

You can use the mayonnaise spoon to scoop and add the tunafish.
This same spoon is used to mix the salad.
Mix until all ingredients are evenly distributed throughout.

Step 4: Build Sandwiches

Use mixing spoon to spread two tablespoons onto a slice of bread. Add second slice of bread.

One can of tuna will make approximately three sandwiches. More tunasalad can be added to each sandwich, but they tend to get sloppy incurring more cleanup.

Step 5: Cleanup

If paper bowls were used, only the spoons and can opener need to be washed.