Introduction: Back Patio Makeover

About: Hey! This is Molly and Dylan from the YouTube Channel Woodbrew:) We started a custom furniture business after high school and that has turned into creating DIY content online.

We are all looking for inspiration to tweak our own homes. I know I am always on the hunt to small detail-oriented things and also the overall picture. We love hanging out outdoors. We are mainly inside the workshop or sitting at our computers, so creating a dreamy outdoor living space to relax and get some fresh air is wonderful.

The goal here is to get rid of all the pine straw outside the patio and the flower beds, add better seating, a place for a grill, a new dining table, privacy off to the side, and a bonus would be adding a fire pit.


Step 1: Prep

The first thing we did was take everything off the concrete and power-washed the ground and brick to prep for paint later. Then, we scooped up all the old pine straw because we will be laying gravel down instead. We marked off this area into the shape we wanted with a shovel and started grading the dirt away from the house slightly.

Step 2: Lay Gravel

We used this heavy-duty landscaping fabric that we HIGHLY recommend! We will never ever buy actual fabric material weed barrier. All I’ll say is that it doesn’t work. Once, that was all laid out and pinned down, it was all hands on deck to move 2 pallets worth of this marble chip to the area. Who needs a gym workout?!

Step 3: Remove Pine Straw and Add Black Mulch

While Dylan moved the rocks around to make them even, I moved onto putting Earthgro Black Mulch in the flower beds. This stuff is amazing because it helps to keep weeds out! Brb while I go get some for our house.

Step 4: Build Privacy Wall

Dylan and his Dad built a little privacy wall to go on the patio. This will be in the middle of two roll up shades, so you always have the option to keep things private or open!

Step 5: Paint Brick Wall

The last major thing left to do is paint this brick wall! The color is Alabaster from Sherwin Williams, which matches the rest of the house.

Step 6: Place Furniture!

The final thing to do is obviously everyone’s favorite part, putting furniture in place!!