Introduction: Back-To-School Pencil Tops

Are you sick of yellow/orange pencils? Every one looks the same. No personality. If you're studying for a test, your pencil doesn't help your memory.

Now introducing: The Back-To-School Pencil Top! Made to add personality to your pencil! Also, you can act out your history homework to help you study!

In the picture above, I included Abe Lincoln, a chicken, a Christmas tree, and Zazu from the Disney movie The Lion King. I also included a flower, the pencil top I will be making in order to teach you how to make a pencil top.

Step 1: Materials/Tools:

- Two pencils (I prefer a mechanical one to draw/trace with and a regular one with a metal thing on the end to try out the pencil top)

- Permanent markers

- A sheet of white copy paper

- Scissors

- Tape

- the inner core (plastic loop thingy) of a tape dispenser

- Ruler (at least 2 inches or 5 centimeters long)


- Reference photo/picture

Step 2: Measure and Cut Out Base Parts

Take the wooden pencil, and lay it on the edge of the paper to measure the metal part of the pencil. Mark where the METAL, NOT ERASER, ends.

I'm going to spare you the trouble of measuring the length of the paper. Measure out, using the ruler, 1.5 inches or 4 centimeters on the paper, as seen in the picture.

Make the measurements into a rectangle, and cut it out.

Next, take the tape dispenser core, and place it on the paper. Trace the inside of the circle on the paper. Cut out the circle.

Cut the circle in half.

Step 3: Tape Together Base

First, you need to make the base of the pencil top. This is the general shape of the top and holds it onto the pencil.

Using the wooden pencil, curl the paper around the pencil's metal. Wrap the paper as tight as possible. Take a small piece of tape, and secure the cylinder.

To make the cone, take the half circle, and curl it into a cone shape. Secure with tape, and cut off any tape sticking off the cone.

Place the cone on the eraser part of the pencil. Tape the parts together.

Step 4: Decorating the Pencil Top

At this point, you need to know what you're going to make. Try to make it something that would be easy with a tower shape. For example, birds have beaks and Christmas trees have a point.

For the photos, I am going to make a flower pencil top.

  1. On scratch paper, doodle how you think it should look.
  2. Draw out some shapes to tape onto the base to make it detailed.
  3. Cut out the shapes and erase the pencil marks.
  4. Tape them on, cut off excess tape and color with markers.

After coloring, you're done! I hope you enjoyed this instructable. If you have any questions, feel free to ask them below. I'll try to answer all of them!