Introduction: Back to the Future Hover Board

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MARTY! We got to go back, TO THE FUTURE!

C'mon, you know you want this prop, so lets build it.

Step 1: Materials

1. Glue gun/sticks - already had

2. Scissors - already had

3. light green construction paper 2 sheets (1 extra) - $0.50 A.C Moore

4. 3 sheets of 1/4 inch Foam Core (1 extra) - $3 A.C Moore

5. Small plastic silver appetizers dishes - $4 Amazing Savings

6. Spray adhesive - $5 Home Depot

7. Super glue (don't necessarily need but is always helpful) - $3

8. Utility Knife with some extra blades - already had

9. Some pink shaggy fabric - $0.75 Jo-Anns

10. Even Lighter green fabric - $0.25 A.C Moore

11. Paper to print the design onto

12. Small sized Black, small sized Red, small sized Magenta/Purple, and medium sized Neon/Bright Pink acrylic paint - $4.50 A.C Moore

13. Magnets (optional) - already had

14. Spackle (optional) - already had

Step 2: Print Out Your Design to the Size You Want

I used for my design. After a lot of playing around with the sizes, I printed out three copies (on multiple sheets). A larger one in black and white- this one is for the outline of the actual board, so make this as big as you want the board. And two shorter ones (front and back) - these are for the actual design, make sure these are in color.

Step 3: Combine the Foam Core

If you want to save some money here, but add a little more work, cut the foam core pieces in half so you only need two sheets instead of three. Attach three pieces of foam core to each other with the Spray adhesive. Don't worry about the lines matching up exactly, what's important is that everything lines up enough for you to cut out the hoverboard.

Step 4: Cut It Out!

Cut the bigger design you printed out, and tape it tighter so it lines up properly. Lay it on the now three quarter inch thick foam core you created and trace. Cut out the hoverboard, from the foam core.

Next: cut out your colored design and lay it on just to see if you like how it fits.

Step 5: Create the Tail

There are 2 methods for this. The proper way, and the easy way. I took the easy way which is measure how big you want the tail/fin to be. I suggest looking at your colored design and seeing where you want the fin to be.

Easy way: just cut a straight 90 degree cut across the fin line. angle the piece as you want and fill with hot glue. to help cover some of the cracks left in-between the board and the hot glue I used some spackle.

Proper way: cut at an angle and sand edges so it lines up perfectly to whatever angle you desire. Add a little glue and boom, fits perfect.

Step 6: Paint Rim

Take the bright pink acrylic paint and paint the rims and a little inside of the board, make sure you paint far enough in that the design will cover it. Do a few coats so that it really pops.

Note: I found after a day that the sides weren't to my liking, so I cut out some strips of paper and glued them onto the sides of the hoverboard, and painted them with the bright pink again.

Step 7: Attach the Colored Designs

Line up the designs and use the spray adhesive, or glue gun to glue it onto the top and bottom. If any area is being stubborn, use the superglue.

Step 8: Bottom Pieces

So close, yet so far.

First take the dishes, flip them over, and paint the rims.

Next take a template for these bottom pieces from google and print them out to the size you find best for your overboard. I had to print 3-4 times to get what I wanted. The outline does not have to be crystal clear. Mine I cropped from a bigger picture and was EXTREMELY pixalated, what matters is that you can cut it out crisp.

Trace the design for the pieces that touch the dish onto foam core that is 1 layer thick, and the middle curvy piece onto a piece that is 3 thick.

I lined the side of the center piece with paper like I did the overboard rim.

Paint the pieces that touch the dish red, and the center piece purple.

Step 9: How to Attach Bottom Pieces

Glue the red pieces onto the dish and then the red pieces onto the purple piece so it is one long flimsy piece. Glue that onto the bottom of the overboard nice and centered.

Step 10: Foot Pad and Strap

Cut out a circle that is 2 layers thick. Then take the green construction paper and cute out a circle and a strip to wrap around the sides. glue strip onto the sides first and trim if needed. Follow this by gluing the circle on top.

Take the green felt and fold it so it is easier to cut, and more symmetrical. Take a VERY sharp pair of scissors and cut it so that the ends are rounded and the sides are straight like mine. Glue that onto the green circle that is now your footpad. Line up the footpad with the fin in the back and angle it appropriately.

Now take the pink shaggy fabric and cut it into a thick strip for the strap. Glue the strap to one side of the footpad. From here you can either glue the other side onto the footpad making sure it is decently tight, or do what I did. Take some magnets and glue it onto the strap and footpad at 2 different points. this way the strap is now adjustable in case you are wearing a shoe or a boot.

Step 11: All Done!

Now it is time for you to go hovering!

Congrats on your build! While not perfect, you can proudly display this in your room for many to awe at!

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