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In this tutorial I will show you how to write text using a font inspired by the movie "Back To The Future"
Back to the future is a worldwide cultural phenomenon and was the biggest movie of 1985
Maybe next time you throw an 80's party you can make invites with using this font!
This movie rocks… this font rocks!

So are you ready to go back to the future with this awesome font? Let's go!

Step 1: Computer

You need a computer to download & install this font
This font is compatible with both mac & pc platforms

Step 2: Font

  • Get your mac or pc ready
  • Back To The Future Font Here here (Free Download)
  • Download the font
  • Open the downloaded file (double click)
  • Install the font on your computer (mac or pc)
  • Don't forget to read the font info

I'm familiar with mac
Mac>Downloads>Open file>Agree to Install on Font Book
Applications>Font Book (app comes already installed on your mac )

Font credit Back to the future © 2001 Richard Walledge.

Step 3: Design

If you're not familiar with graphic design softwares, it's ok
There's an alternative editor for that
I would recommend using picmonkey to design your text (I have used before in previous instructables)
It's a free photo editor where you can add text and access your own fonts, compatible with both mac & pc platforms
No need to install the editor however you do need to install the BTTF font on your computer first
It's so easy even a caveman can do it lol
To access the back to the future font you have installed on your computer
Open picmonkey Editor>Overlays (Butterfly )>Your own (top panel) font from your computer files
Here is the link of the editor again
Make sure to try all the characters, capital letters, numbers, special characters, etc
Notice that the Caps letters are inclined to the left, lower case letters are inclined to the right, etc
Play with the font until your happy with your text!

Step 4: Show Off

I wrote my name and I love how it turned out... How about yours?

Use your creativity!
I'll be throwing a Halloween 80's theme party- and I have designed the invite using the BTTF font
I might create a facebook event (Halloween 80's theme party), invite my fb friends and use the design as the image for the event (don't judge lol)

Whatever you choose to do with the font... have fun!

It's also a good chance to show your friends your design skills!

Step 5: Variations

You can try different colors or stay within the original palette (Yellow & Red)

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial as much as I enjoyed creating it
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