Introduction: Back to School Torch With SAM!

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Go Back to School with the coolest tools. Click through to build this Epic Torch.

Step 1: Gather Your Materials

For this project, you'll need card, paper, string, the SAM Space app, and a SAM Make kit.

Next, incise the card three times, so you have four panels.

Cut out squares for the top and bottom.

Fold into a tube with four sides and attach the top and bottoms.

Step 2: Secure the Body

To secure the body of the torch, use some string to wrap around it.

You can customise your torch how you like!

Step 3: Attach the Tilt

Next, attach the Tilt sensor to the outside of the torch.

Use something adhesive that you can get off (like velcro) to make sure you can remove your SAM afterwards.

Step 4: Attach the Light

Now, you'll need to drop and secure the light inside of the cube tunnel.

To do so, make sure there is a blocker so that the light will stay propped up inside.

*Be sure to also turn your SAM on and pair it to SAM Space before doing so, to avoid trying to get this out when it's already secured.

Step 5: Make Your Filters!

Next, you'll need to make paper filters that will create shadows on the walls.

To do so, measure the opening of the torch and draw a square on a sheet of paper.

Then, add a clearance on all four sides of approx 1cm.

Draw your design in the middle of the square.

*Remember that if you're doing anything with writing, it will need to be on the inside of the filter, so it's not backwards!

Step 6: Hook Up Your SAMs!

Now, we need to hook up our SAM blocks to the app.

Turn on your blocks and pair them if you haven't already, and drag them onto the canvas.

Drag on 3 Compare blocks, 1 OR Logic Gate, 1 Delay, 1 Text, and 1 Counter.

Connect the Tilt to 2 Compare blocks.

Connect both of them to the Text Block and the OR.

Connect the OR to the Delay.

Connect the Delay to the Counter.

The Counter to the 3rd Compare.

And that Compare to the LED.

Go back to the first two Compares.

Set one to = 0.

Then the second to = 100.

Click on the Text and write in "reset"

Click on the Delay and set it to 500ms.

Click on the last Compare and set it to < 5.

Step 7: Now Test It Out!

Try your different filters!

Step 8: Connect With Us

The last step is to connect with us at

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