Introduction: Back to the Future Antigravity Water Drop - Seeeduino Lotus

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Time is like a torrent, pushing people forward. Is there an instant in which you want time to stand still or go backwards? Look closely at the water droplet. Is it dripping down or going up?

The work is inspired by the phenomenon of visual persistence. The sound movie has 24 frames per second, which can form a coherent image in the human brain. This is called the "visual persistence phenomenon." The work is illuminated by high-speed flashing LED lights. The continuously dripping water droplets use human optical illusions. By adjusting the frequency of the LED lights and the frequency of the pump, when the two cooperate with each other to achieve a delicate frequency difference, the human eye will produce the optical illusion of water droplets upward.


Seeeduino Lotus V1.1 X1

Grove - MOSFET X2

Grove - Rotary Angle Sensor X2

Grove - Switch(P) X1

Peristaltic pump X1

Water pipe X 1M

5050 LED Strip X 1.2M

12V Power Supply Plug

DC female head connector X2

DC 1 female head to 2 male head convert cable X1

Jump Wire

Acrylic Plate (5mm)

Acrylic glue


Laser Cutting Machine

Hot melt glue gun

Soldering iron

Step 1: Design the Shell and Laser Cutting

Leave the backside and top open before you fix everything in and test to the perfect position.

Step 2: Hardware Connection

Step 3: Assembling the Hardware

Step 4: Programming and Uploading

Step 5: Testing

Test to the perfect. Enjoy the results of your work!

I guess you cannot wait showing off your great work to your families and friends already! Run and go shooting some great pictures and videos now! You are very welcomed to also share your unique work with us. Should you have any further question about this project, or want to share your work with me, feel free to drop an email to I am Makerming from Shenzhen, China. Finally, thanks for reading, your comments are the biggest support to my work.