Introduction: Back to the Future DeLorean Bike Trailer

Ever needed to jazz up your kids bike trailer for an upcoming ride? I have the need every year when we participate in Utah's Antelope by Moonlight Bike Ride. It's a 24 mile ride that starts at 10pm and costumes are encouraged. This years theme was Back to the Future, with the ride taking place on July 3, 2015 30 years to the date of when the first film was released. So I had to incorporate a Delorean into it somehow. So I decided to enclose my kids bike trailer. Here's how you can get started...

Step 1: CAD Model

The first step is to make a CAD Model. I chose Fusion360 as my CAD platform. The first thing I'll say is that I knew going into it that I would be using every DIY's favorite three materials, cardboard, PVC, and duck tape, all of which can be purchased at a local hardware store.

Step 2: Dimensions

From your CAD model create some 2D drawing documentation you can use to plan out your design. Again I used Fuison360 because it natively create 2D drawings and they are viewable on my tablet, via A360, Autodesk's cloud based collaboration and files storage system.

Step 3: Cutting & Planning

Once I had the CAD drawing I had the outlines i needed to cut out the front,back,side(s), & top Panels out our cardboard.

Step 4: Mockups

Now that all the panels were cut out I could start putting them onto the frame. I used Duct Tape and Masking tape to help see how it would all come together. Because I wanted the trailer to still fold down it meant i needed to be able to take the panels off.

Step 5: Frame Support

I decided it would be best to Create a PVC pipe frame. This would give the Cardboard some added structural integrity and also allow for assembly. I created four Panels: Front, Two Sides and Back/Roof. They were joined together with the PVC frame. I used Male & Female pipe fittings to allows for quick assembly. My apologies that I do not have pictures of the PVC Frame. I made a sketch over the Delorean so you have an idea what I looked like. The frame is underneath the cardboard. If I put this bike trailer back together again I will edit this post to show more clarification.

Step 6: Test Runs

To make sure the Frame was enough support and that the speed and wind wouldn't tear it apart I made a few test runs. Because I got a new bike that had bigger tires than I planned on I had to make a modification tot he the front bumper. The tire would rub on the front bumper when I would make hard right turns. To fix it I cut away a section of the bumper. The cut out looked like a license plate frame cutout and turned out OK. Other than the bumper there were no modification needed and it lasted through the testing.

Step 7: Paint

In these pictures you can see the Four panels that were created. For the silver paint I used a primer to help make the silver pop (shine) better on the cardboard. I used a flat black for the boosters and bumper.

Step 8: Details & Accessories

For the front lights, rims, grill/emblem, rear lights, and licence plate I used some images i googled. you can't hit 88 mph with out a flux capacitor. For that I used some yellow house wire, red wire nuts, and some aluminum tins. Then I lit it up with a set of 20 battery powered LEDs. I also added the calendar dash clock to for previous time, current time, and destination time readings.

Step 9: Lighting It Up

Since the ride happens at night the Delorean needed to be lit up. I use a combination or white, orange, and red LEDS, 32 in total. They were for the head lights, taillights, and booster lights. I also combined the Booster LEDs with Dry ice to make a the time travel smoke effect. I would recommend using larger Tupperware containers so the dry ice effect will last longer. Then I wrapped 45 meters of EL wire LED rope lights.

Step 10: Everyone in Costume...

The Delorean project wouldn't be complete unless everyone was inn costumers to match. I went as DOC Brown. The shirt and Tie were something I had lying around. I made the vest jacket with help form my mother in-law. The Helmet was made from Duct tape and Toilet paper roll/ Paper towel tubes. the rest of my family went as Bif, George McFly, Marty, Principal Strickland, and Darth Vader Marty. Bif, Marty, George, & Principal Strickland costumes came from clothing we found and assembled from your local thrift store; Savers, Salvation Army, Goodwill, Or Dessert Industries, all depending on your geographical region.

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