Back to the Future Clock

Introduction: Back to the Future Clock

I was looking for a new project few months ago and, as I'm a fan of BTTF trilogy, I decided to make a clock but one which looks like the one in the Dolorean.

For this project, two parts must be done, the electronic one (not a problem for me), and the mechanical one (can be a problem for me).

Step 1: Electronics

In my alarm clock, I have 4 electronic boards (one master board and 3 slave boards (which are the same).

Master board :

The master board is the one that control the slaves boards. On it, there is a 5V power supply (made by a switching regulator), the RTC, protections (fuse, diode) and all power parts.

Slave boards :

Slave board are made with 5 double 7 segments displays and 3 alaphanumeric displays. To respect the Back to the futur theme, I have the three colors (red, green and yellow).

I've realized the schematic and routing on Proteus.

Step 2: PCB

I realized my PCBs with the website JLCPCB, it's enough cheap and the quality is good.

Step 3: Software

For the microprocessor, I choose a PIC18F, because I know very well this kind of processor, they are easy to use. This 8 bits processor is enough to control this kind of application.

Step 4: Mechanics

I'm not an expert in mechanics but I've some kwowledge, so with this I've tried to increase my level in mechanical parts.

At the end, I'm enough proud of the result. It's made in aluminium (1mm thin). I've subcontracted it in a local society (not so easy to find one society which mades this kind of job for the individual).

Step 5: Files and Final Picture

Now, it has it own place on a desk !

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