Introduction: Back to the Future Hover Board Please See Video

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I wanted to get a board to hover, so I cut a piece of cardboard in shape of a hover board and taped some thin sting to the bottom and tied the two ends of the string to a chair and table leg. I then placed a fan underneath the board and turned on the fan. This gave it the hovering affect I wanted after moving the chair in various positions to get the board to hover right for the video.

Step 1: How to Make a Hover Board

Cut a piece of cardboard to the shape of a hover board.

Tape some thin string to the bottom of the board.

Tie the ends to a structure like a chair or table leg as I did.

Place a fan under the board and turn the fan on.

Move one of the structures until the board hovers the way you want.

Place a box in front of the fan to hide the fan while videoing the hover board in action.

Please see the video!

Step 2:

Video of Idea!

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