Introduction: Back to the Future Time Traveling Scion TC

For halloween my son wanted to do a Back to the Future (BTTF) Theme this year. He wanted me to get a real BTTF DMC reproduction for $60,000 on ebay. After I got off the floor from passing out We came up with a way more affordable way to do this. Why not make one out of my Scion TC. So we did. It probably cost about $100 bucks to do this. We have the Flux Capacitor, an iPad time calculator and the Plutonium case which doubles as our candy dish.

Step 1: 2015 Version of the Ultimate Time Machine

This we we are changing it up a bit. I sold the Scion so with some slight modifications we got the BTTF Time Machine bits to fit.

Now we have the BW Ultimate Time Machine.

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