Backless Sofa Hack

Introduction: Backless Sofa Hack

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I bought two West Elm Tillary sofas a few years ago for my apartment. I loved them and had no issues. When I moved to my house, it was a different story.

In my apartment the sofas were right up against the wall, but in my house the sofas are in the middle of my living room. The top section of the sofas do not attach to the bottom--they only have a little grip on the bottom to stay in place. When anyone leaned back on the sofa, the grip did NOT keep the top in place. I had many people fall over when the top did not stay in place so I had to come up with a way to keep this from happening!

Step 1: Collect Your Tools

Step 2: Measure Wood to Size of Sofa Back and Mark Where the Bolts Should Go

Sand the edges down

Step 3: Drill Pilot Holes Into Wood and Sofa

When we drilled the pilot holes into the wood and sofa base, we did have some batting come out and get twisted but this was not a major issue. Use hex bolts to screw the wood board into the base of the sofas.

Step 4: And Done. I Love These Couches Even More Now!

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    6 years ago

    I have several square ottomans and they are now pushed against the wall but have no backs. Your 'ible came at a good time for me! Thanks for giving me ideas of how to keep the pillows from falling over / backwards!