Introduction: Backlit Mirror and Proximity Sensor or Pir Sensor by Arduino

A mirror that glows when you approach it.

Driven by Arduino.

Reports how long it has been lit.

It can be switched on manually to illuminate and to stop.


Mirror 40x160cm

LED strip 3m - 3.6W/1m

Power supply 36W

Wooden profiles

Aluminum profiles for LED strip

ESP8266 ESP-12E

Relay Module DC AC 220V

DHT22 Digital Temperature Humidity Sensor

Ultrasonic Wave Detector Ranging Module

Step 1: Аluminum Frame

First I made the aluminum frame. The mirror will lay on it.

Step 2: Wooden Frame

I also made the wooden frame.

I pre-paint the wooden profiles.

I treated them with wood oil.

Step 3: LED Strip

I also mounted the LED strip.

Step 4: Arduino

Step 5: Final