Backpack Pannier for Bicycle




Introduction: Backpack Pannier for Bicycle

I have been trying to make my own pannier for some time now but wanted to avoid modifying my backpack and especially sewing.
This instructable is what i came up with based on ideas I found elsewhere and here:

Parts :
- Backpack
- Over Door Hanger
- Bungee Chord  (approx 18" or 45cm)

Tools :
- Dremel Tool or Saw

Discalimer :
I am not responsible for any injury or loss incurred during the making or use of this Instructable.
Make and use at your own risk!

Step 1: Cut Over Door Hanger

The over door hanger used was plastic coated steel wire hanger purchased form a Dollar store.

+ Leave at least two hooks at either side of section to be cut
(Having more than two hooks might be useful as backup but if your bicycle rack is not perfectly straight then the bag might have a tendency to rock slightly.)

+ Using Dremel tool or saw cut the over door hanger to the width of backpack
(Make sure to follow safety procedures while using cutting tool)

+ Clean rough edges of cut by sanding or otherwise

Step 2: Shorten Straps

+ Shorten the backpack straps as much as possible.

+ Ensure that the extended straps are folded or tied so that they do not get entangled with the spokes of bicycle wheel 

Step 3: Pass Straps Over Front of Backpack

+ Flip back pack straps over the front of backpack

+ Pass the cut hanger section underneath backpack straps

Step 4: Hook Bungee Cord

+ Hook bungee cord on one side of hanger section

+ Pass bungee chords around backpack straps

+ Hook bungee chord on to other side of hanger section

Step 5: Place on Rack

+ Hook hanger section on to bicycle rack

+ Loop bungee chord around bottom of bicycle rack

And you are done!

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    11 years ago on Introduction

    for something so unique, I'm shocked that no one has commented on this. if you modified the design a bit and made a barrier between the rear wheel and where the bag hangs, you could easily use the hooks to hang grocery bags for when you go shopping.


    Reply 10 years ago on Introduction

    That's a good idea, what could be done is take a piece of plastiboard or whatever real estate signs are made of, cut 3 slits in the top to fit over the hooks. Make one more small hole near the front where it can be tied down to the frame so it doesnt flop in the wind with your groceries on it. This will serve to block the bags from hitting the wheel, and its just as removeable as the bags, so you don't have to ride around with it.


    Reply 11 years ago on Introduction

    Thank you very much for your comment!
    Usually, pannier bags have stiff backs to prevent them from twisting at the bottom and hitting the wheel (since it is fixed from the top).

    Maybe in this case a frame or some kind of insert(wood sheet) in the back of the backpack?..

    I admit the backpack will sometimes hit the wheel if I hit a pothole or go down a curb but otherwise it was ok. Usually, backpacks have some padding in back, which helps the bag hold its shape to some extent.

    Funnily enough, I did try hanging grocery bags once, but only for a couple hundred meters, I doubt they would have survived longer because they kept hitting the wheel, as you pointed out.

    A skirt guard may be a solution...