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Introduction: Backpack Swing

Using this instructable you can build a swing in a few hours. This swing can be used to read books wherever you want, whenever you want.

Because the swing is made of a simple backpack, you can easily transport the swing itself and your book.

Step 1: Materials

To make this swing you need:

- 1 backpack

- 4 carabiners

- 20 meters of strong rope

- a wooden lath, around 5 cm wide, 1 cm thick and as long as the width of your backpack

- 2 pieces of fabric

- a needle

- thread

- pincers

- a knife

Step 2: Wooden Lath

Pull the backpack inside-out and put the lath on the bottom of the back side. Take the pieces of fabric and lay them across the lath. Sow the two pieces to the backpack.

This lath wil make sure the leashes don't pull towards eachother if weight is put on it.

Step 3: Backpack Changes

Use a knife to cut the straps loose from the clamps. Make a loop in the ends of both straps. Connect the new loops with carabiners. Now the backpack is finished and usable as both backpack as swing.

Step 4: Rope

Cut the rope in two 10 m long sections. Make a loop in one end of both ropes and a loop around 20 cm further. Make some more loops in the rope, the spots where you put these loops depend on the height you want your swing to be on. Use this formula to decide where to put the loops.

Loop height = 2 x height of the tree branch + diameter of the tree branch + 20 cm

We can use this formula because you want to be around 50 cm off the ground and the leashes are about 30 cm long. Make more loops on both ends of the initial loop, with about 50 cm of space between eachother.

Step 5: Testing

Disconnect the carabiners from one end of the leashes. Connect the ropes to the carabiners using the loops on the end of the ropes. Attach the other two carabiners to the other ends and throw them over the chosen branch. Once the carabiners are back down, connect them to the other sides of the leashes. Choose the loop that gets you the best swing height Also connect both ropes using the loops 20 cm from the end. Put the remaining pieces of rope in the backpack. Enjoy your swing!

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    6 years ago on Introduction

    love this idea!! :) just make sure they are weight-bearing carabiners that you get from a climbing store :) sometimes I've put too much weight on a non-weight-bearing carabiners and they snapped. love this swing though, I really want to try one :)


    Reply 6 years ago on Introduction

    Thanks a lot peppypickle! This is just a school project and I don't want to put too much money in it so i'm not buying carabiners in a climbing store;) During the testing I did non of them failed so I'll stick with them altough I wouldn't advise this if you're making this swing for own use.

    Bryanmatthew7, I have indeed had this problem as you might see. One of the seams failed so I had to stitch it again. I guess this might have happened because I used a very cheap backpack, I got it for free in a store. If you use a better quality backpack it might not destroy itself:)

    Thank you very much for the feedback and feel free to make and improve my creation!


    6 years ago

    Great idea! Watch out for tears on the seam lines near the base of the straps though!