Introduction: Backpacker's Mobile Pak

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A mobile version for 12V power

Step 1: Gone Shop Online

You Need .... Cable (flexible) Black/red
A car fuseholder and 15A carfuse
Some car Plug 12V
Solarcharger of your Choice
AGM-Akku lead arround 9-20Ah or 41Ah Akku (weight as you can move)
And some Electric plugs and connectors

For liion USB Accus u Need this Parts as Addition on your List :

DROK® 3A DC/DC Auto-Konverter Step-down inverter 8-22V 12V +/- to 5V USB AM Micro
2 x ec technology akku 22400 mAh

Plug it in as Consumer on solarcharge Controller and you load a Backup from Main Puffer accu witch have 9-20 or 41 Ah

Step 2: Connect It ...

The Photo Sayn more than my Instruction

From Akku to Solarcharger
Add + and - Pole cable
On the + you Need the fuse

From solarcharger to 12V Plug
Ready Need a + and - cable (for USB carcharger to light up your Smartphone )

Step 3: Ready Assembled Looks Like This

View Photo

Step 4: Now Gone Shop Again

You Need a carakku Charger WHO can Load up to 50Ah Akkus
And a Solar Panel of your Choice ... Ready assembled and water Proof
If you buy a solarpanel buy two and make a folding case

Be Warned and remember Military tactics Training:
Weight as you can move AT your Trip

Step 5: Tipp: AC Voltage to Your Mobile Pak

But be Warned "Can make Hazard Shock" as result !!!

This step is not realy nescarary

You Must replace 15A fuse with a 30A fuse to use this step
And Must have a solarcharge Controller what can hold Max 30A
Replace Akku with a higher Ah than 40Ah and solarpanel min 300 Watt

For Akku capacity between 100-300Ah use the following Automatic Charger:
IUoU Automatikladegerät 12 Volt 30 Ampere (100-240V AC)
could be ordered from:

LAS Part no: LAS 16585 12V
Put it on the Akku poles to reduct high peaks in voltage


Buy a DC to AC Power inverter 200 Watt ... Details from your reseller
And connect it to the 12V carplug ... Connect it to ground wire ...
Power on and you have an AC Plug for 150 Watt Consumer


For Outdoor use:

BESTEK 300W Power Inverter 12V DC to 110V AC Car Inverter with 3.1A Max Dual USB Ports for Smartphones, Tablets and More
Fraron Power Inverter 350 Watt 12V DC to 230V AC for KFZ, Boat, Camping, Outdoor, Caravan, Solar

Tipp: pure Sinus Inverter gave a better result in usage

Step 6: Addison on Changeable Battery Falange ( Not Real an Option )

Situation on movement wana have a light easy movable Solar Station 40 Watts Panel ( can be foldable 2 x 20 Watt )

Want a 12v chargeable Battery See :
This is only the idea have a 9-20Ah lead Puffer and a changeable 50,8Ah Backup for Laptop ,dslr-Camera ,psp-portable,Gps-Navigator

Now we got the question:"how many Watts Must have the Solar Panel?"
Answer: "Ask your local Dealer!" Question to Dealer : how much Watts to earn on Solar 50Ah a day.

That explain how big your foldable Solar Panel will be ... 40 Watts is a small and portable Version ...
If you have a BaseCamp with a Charger (12V carplug with 3A ) for this type of car-starter-batterys Must Between 105~225 Ah lead battery if you wana be authark in solar things.
But These batterys are Heavy stuff to move ... So on we want move ... 9-20Ah enough Puffer capacity to Charge the Lead and discharge Lead to fillup car-starter-Battery( not 100% Charge only ~7-18%+Solar Input )

If have Full Chargen Speed has in Relation of your solar capacity and this tell's you how much to move Minimum weight on your Trip.
:) or :( if you want Charge less than 1 Hour 50Ah

12V Charge Input as Consumer on Solar Charge Controller with 15A fuse usage on Lead Battery for 3A 12V usage to Charge.