Introduction: Backpacking Food Packets

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I like hiking and backpacking, but I don't want to visit fast food restaurants to steal condiments. Besides, unless you hit an asian restaurant, burger joint, and mexican restaurant, not to mention a salad bar, how can you get the variety you want? I came up with a way to bring my liquid condiments with me without filling messy bottles that could leak, and without the bulk and weight of canisters, such as peanut butter jars.

Assuming you can find commercial food packets, often they are 3 times the price pound per pound than the full bottle. Why not use what you have?

Step 1: You Will Need

Food sealer
Sealer bag roll


Step 2: Measure, Cut and Seal

Measure a 4" piece of sealer bag and seal the bottom. Most sealers have a seal only option.

Step 3: Seal the Notch

Adding a notch to the end of the food packet will direct the flow of condiments squished out toward a single point, making it easy to spread.

Seal 2 45 degree angles on two corners on one side of the bag. Leave the top open.

Step 4: Add the Condiments

Really any liquid should work, including:

-Salad dressings
-Mustard, mayo, etc (but you can steal them from fast food places)
-Peanut butter and Jelly
-Asian sauces, such as teriyaki, wasabi, etc.
-Hot sauces, sriracha, etc.

I used PB & J and Salsa for these demos.

Try to keep the top edge as clean as possible. This will aid sealing.

You could also do dry ingredients, such as a trail bread mix or brownies.

After you add the food, wipe clean the top edge if necessary and seal the liquid in, while vacuuming the air out. You can end here, but I prefer to seal off the excess and cut it off.

Step 5: Seal the Excess

Smoosh the food to the notch side and seal the side as close to the food as possible. This will cut on weight and bulk, if only a little.

Step 6: Finishing

Label each one-- it's best if you label them. You don't want to put mayo on your blueberry bagel, unless that's your thing.

To use it, cut the notch open with a knife and squeeze it out onto your meal. You can also cut little notches with scissors before you leave and tear it open.