Introduction: [Backpacking Food] Soft Tacos

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I've been going on a backpacking trip with my father every summer since I was 4 years old and over the years of experimenting with different backpacking meals, we have developed a few favorites.  This meal is our favorite thing to make on our first evening in the mountains after hiking all day.  It has some heavy ingredients and a few ingredients that won't keep for long, but it's really simple and it's a great thing to look forward to while you lug your heavy packs up a mountain at 9,000 feet!

Step 1: Ingredients

All you need to make this recipe is whatever you want to put in your tacos. 
-corn tortillas
-dehydrated re-fried beans
-olive oil

Step 2: Re-Hydrate Beans

The most important part of this recipe is re-hydrating the beans.  When you buy your beans, they may come with instructions, in which case you should follow those.  Our beans call for 1 1/4 cup of water to 1  cup of beans.  When measuring the water, we always err on the side of less water since you can always add more if the beans get too stiff.  One year, we forgot what the ratio was and accidentally added 2 cups of water to 1 cup of beans and ended up with bean soup instead of tacos!  Learn from our mistake!
Boil the water and slowly add the beans.  Add about half the amount of beans and stir them in well and then add the other half.  Make sure they are well combined with the water, then cover the pot and let it cook for a while.  Check every few minutes and take it off the stove when the beans get to a thick consistency.

Step 3: Preparing Tortillas

To prepare the tortillas and melt the cheese, put a little oil in the lid of the pot, which also doubles as a pan and hold it a little way above the burner on your camp stove.  Our stove doesn't have a temperature control so we have to get creative about how to not burn our food.  Put a corn tortilla into the pan and toast it a bit, then flip it over, add your cheese and toast until the cheese is slightly melted and the tortilla is softened up.

Step 4: Add Toppings and Enjoy!

Add beans, avocado and salsa to your taco and enjoy it in the beauty of nature!

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