Introduction: Backseat USB Charger

After all the feedbacks, I've added these warnings:

1- do not attempt this if your car has side airbags imbedded in the seat

2- make sure your back seat has sufficient room, so the 12v adaptor is not poking your neck/back area.

3- add an inline fuse, if you see yourself using it a lot.

Finding myself having more ipod/pad & phone devices on the road, I needed more charging options in the car.  Auto part store sell these multi-socket adaptors, but I like a cleaner solution with less wires showing.  

Material needed:

- Female cigarette adaptor
- Power car seat with removable access panel, of cause.
- Socket wrench with extender.
- Any wiring that's rated for 12v or more.
- Terminal connectors or soldering iron
- Spiral cutting tool.   I use my trusty RotoZip.
- volt meter
- A spacious, well lighted working area.

Step 1: Remove Car Seat

Pick the seat you want to hack and unbolt the floor railing.  Disconnect all electrical wirings to it & move to a well lit working area.

While you're down there, *** Find ** which wire/leads are the hot one (see step 4) with multi meter.

Step 2: Remove Back Panel

Remove back panel.  See if you have room to fit the cigarette adaptor in the seat cavity.  You may need to remove some foam materials.  I pick mine higher up, just below the head rest.

Step 3: Tap Into Existing Power Source.

Now the fun part:  you need to find an existing source & tap into it.  We picked the power seat motor just because the pin connectors were easier to remove.

Step 4:

You need to find which is the hot wire & match with existing lighter.  We stupidly didn't do that back in step 2, and need to put the seat back, power it to to find the A/C leads.   Live & learn.

Step 5: Test & Install.

Temporarily, connect everything & test for charging.   Hopefully, everything should work & no shorts.

 Install is the reverse process.  Enjoy your new charger.