Introduction: Backwoods Survival Kit

Step 1: Matches

In a survival situation everyone needs fire coming from a Boy Scout I understand the use and needs of fire and the fear of being in one without it so I use a whole box of strike on box matches they are easy to use and you have more in case u mess up (:

Step 2: Fire Starters

In addition with the matches I have a Baggie of dryer lint which is extremely flammable and old shredded homework paper (; the Baggie keeps everything dry and together.

Step 3: First Aid Kit

Obviously everyone needs one of these. I started always carrying one when I fell up the stairs (: BE PREPARED

Step 4: Knife/cutting Tool

My dad always carries one around these things are very useful to cut rope, firewood or to get that insect stinger out of you. Make sure it's sharp and always ready to use

Step 5: Rope

Rope is another obvious one, it can be used to hold up a shelter, set up a bear bag, or rappel down a small cliff. I keep at least 15 ft of it rolled up.

Step 6: Pencil and Paper

An unusual one but this can be used to document your adventures or set drop messages for rescuers or to defeat your greatest fear.....boredom!! Many survivors have died or killed themselves due to boredom.

Step 7: Small Protein Source

This seems odd but a small can of tuna is probably the best thing u can have in here it's not meant to keep u fed its meant to provide a source of protein when u can't find it. The can can be opened with the knife or a rock.

Step 8: Garbage Bags

These can be used to set up a shelter or create a poncho to keep the rain off.

Step 9: Rubber Gloves

For medical reasons or to skin animals or carry water in even (:

Step 10: Extra Baggie

To keep everything waterproof inside the bag, this can also be used to carry water or make a shower by filling it, setting it out in the sun and then poking holes in it and holding it above your head.

Step 11: Carrying Case

To carry everything in (:

Step 12: Be Prepared

So carry this pack on a hike or camping even if you're close to civilization u never know when you will have the need to use it.

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