Introduction: Backyard Airgun Range

   Many people enjoy shooting, but it is hard to find time to shoot in an urban environment.  Many people resort to shooting in their backyards, but this can be disturbing to neighbors and in some places, illegal.  Airguns are a useful alternative.  They are as close as anyone can get to using a real gun without actually using a real gun.  Remember that every gun, real or fake MUST always be treated as a real, loaded gun.  Never shoot or aim an airgun at anything you don't intend to shoot.  In this instructable, I will show you how to set up a backyard airgun range quickly and safely.s  **I DISCLAIM ANY INJURIES, AND/OR PROPERTY DAMAGE THAT MAY OCCUR IF YOU FOLLOW THIS GUIDE**

Step 1: Find a Space

  For an airgun range, you need plenty of room for shooting.  You need at least 15 yards to have a good, safe shooting range.  10 of these will be used for the actually space.  1-2 yards will be used to place the target.  And you will need to have plenty of room to lay down and to place ammunition and or a gun rack.   This will be the other 3-4 yards.  In the 10 yard area there needs to be soft material.  The best materials for this are dirt or water.  It also need to be a closed space, or a very large space. 

Step 2: Get a Target

   Every range needs a target.  The most simple targets are paper targets, and there is a large selection that can be found here: . Other targets can be cans, balloons, or metal targets.

Step 3: Get a Backstop/Trap

  Pellets are small, dangerous lead objects.  You DO NOT want the lead going into the environment, and you also don't want the pellets or bb's hitting anyone.  Behind the target is a backstop.  It is usually a piece of wood or thick foam to prevent the bb's from escaping.  A commercially made trap or archery target works well too.

Step 4: Protection/Safety

  Remember to always wear eye protection.  Never aim the gun at people, animals, or anything else you do not intend to shoot.  Have fun and be safe.