Introduction: Backyard BBQ Utility Belt & Drink Helmet From Duct Tape

The Summer is for BBQing. It's important to BBQ both practically and safely. Enter this Instructable. The goal is to make at BBQ condiment/utensil utility belt as well as a drink helmet. Here's the indisputable logic as to the necessity of this item...

1. To BBQ properly you need two hands free. Thus, you need the BBQ Utility Belt.
2. To BBQ safely you need to stay properly hydrated. Thus, you need the Drink Helmet.

You can make one, or both, of these items. Both are advised.

Step 1: Gather the Materials

The materials you'll need are...
For the Drink Helmet
1. duct tape
2. two 14.5 ounce cans
3. about 3 feet of plastic tubing
4. a cold beverage of your choice
5. a general plan

For the Utility Belt
5. duct tape
6. grilling utensils
7. condiments

Step 2: Drink Helmet

Start the Drink Helmet by making a headband.

1. Measure off about 27 inches of duct tape, then two more about 16 inches each.
2. Fold the strips in half then tape the sticky sides together to make a band.
3. The longer band will serve go around your head like a ball cap. The shorter bands will go over your head from ear-to-ear and from forehead to the back of your head.
4. Secure the contact points and intersections of the band as shown in the pic.

Step 3: Add the Cold Drink Containers

Next, duct tape two 14.5 ounce cans to the sides of the headband. See pics...

Step 4: Add the Cold Beverages of Your Choice

1. Cut 2 pieces of plastic tubing about 16 inches in length.
2. Insert high-quality cold beverages.
3. Insert tubing.

Step 5: Stick It on Your Head

1. Place Drink Helmet (with drinks) on your head.
2. Suck.

Step 6: Make Utility Belt

1. Strip off enough duct tape to go around your waist (lengths vary).
2. Fold it in half to (a) get rid of the sticky stuff and (b) make a waistband.

Step 7: Build Holders for Condiments

1. Pick your favorite condiments.
2. Make holders for each by first making duct tape bands for the girth and then the circumference of each condiment.
3. Attach and secure the intersections of each band as shown in the pics.
4.Attach the condiment holders to the utility belt as shown in the pics.

Step 8: Build BBQ Tool Holders

1. Build your tong and/or flipper holders for each side.
2. Just make two short bands as before then attach to the belt. See pics...
3. You're now ready to put it on and get to cookin'/showin' out. Video on next step.

Step 9: It's Showtime

For a man, grilling out is less preparing food and more communing in the age-old rite of cooking over fire. The only difference between now and the men described in the book of Leviticus is that today grilling out is an art form--a dance between man, machine, fire, and food. To wit, watch the video...

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