Introduction: Anniversary Camping (in Our Backyard)

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It started with my wife wanting a little backyard getaway for our anniversary. An idea, a little doodle on the closest piece of whatever I could find, and a little ambition.

Step 1: The Big Job! a Vision and a Well Laid Out Plan...

My wife asked if we could go camping or "glamping" for our anniversary this year (October 25, 2015), and what started out as a doodle ended up being our best project we worked on together.

Step 2: Laying the Groundwork...

A search for pallets, whatever construction site dumpster wood we could find, and trolling the hoods for whatever else we could use. But first, the foundation! Had to pay up for the foundation blocks. 12ft. x 10ft.

Step 3: I've Been Framed...

Thanks to the local church for redoing their roof and throwing out all the crate wood. We came out like bandits with all the dimensional lumbar, in lengths up to 12 ft., that we needed to frame this lady up!!! And a much needed night off to relish in the glory of the build.

Step 4: Fool Proof Planning...

My lovely wife was in charge of painting and water proofing. Water seal on the frame and paint on the floor. Thanks, Sweetheart! Great job!

Step 5: Just a Little Cover Up...

Now this is where the budgie took a little hit! $2-300 for 75ft. x 5ft. treated canvas fabric from, 3/8in. and 1/2in. grommets, and I don't know how many 1/2in. heavy duty staples. Roll the canvas around the bottom half as one continuous piece and staple as I go. Cut to fit front and back peeks with nice clean tight seems. Overlap either side of roof to overlap peeks and sides. One top piece to cover the rest of the gaps. Grommets on front flaps for easy opening. And yes...! was completely waterproof. It came pretreated.

Step 6: The Inside Job...

Gotta furnish her. All the while I was framing and tarpin' my good lady and lil' man were busy on the inside. Found things that folks didn't want. Old broken King bed converted and reupholstered to a full size day bed. Old weathered desk rebuilt and repainted. Old thrown out pot rack made a great repurposed chandelier.

Step 7: All Decked Out...

What...?!?...What do you mean, it needs a deck?!? You're lucky you're pretty, and we have more pallets!

Step 8: The Big Getaway!!!

After 5 weeks of Building and planning and adding and building and painting and upholstering and...!...well, you get the picture. Well, here are the pictures. The Honeymoon Suite!!!

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