Introduction: Backyard Lacrosse

This is a small thing I made in my back yard to keep me entertained during the summer.

Step 1: Tools/Supplies

You will need to know how well you can hit a target and how large a goal is before you start(mens goal = 6 x 6ft.). Then you will need to get these items: Blue masking tape, trash can (or boxes), bucket, small bucket / cone, Tennis / lacrosse balls, wall ( or hanging tarp), and a ruler or measuring tape.

If you don't have a wall, you could try hanging a tarp off a balcony or ledge. If you have a blue tarp, use white masking tape, but other than that you should follow this steps all the same.

I set mine up on a wall that can't take the constant beating of Lacrosse balls and I don't have that many Lacrosse balls. So having a dog, i stole all 25 tennis balls she had. you only need one or two, unless you want to do a rapid fire type thing or you lose them easily.

Step 2: Taping It to the Wall

You want your targets a good size apart...but in a square formation. Maybe about a foot to a foot in a half strips, or what ever you think is a good size. You can make them smaller for more difficulty or larger for beginners.

The average LAX goal is 6ft. x 6ft. You might need a ladder to tape it up. you can make little targets in the goal if you want to or not.

One of the targets I made ended up in the goal, but you just ignore them depending on the drill. 

Step 3: Drills

There are 3 drills shown and one not.

1. Hit the Targets
     The first drill includes 1 or 2 people, One to Call out and one to shoot, or just have at it with many friends. Try to hit as many targets called out or in a time limit.
2. Shoot a Goal
  In this drill, you have to set up a goalie, with boxes or buckets. I gave mine a helmet and stick. Try to shoot a goal without hitting the goalie. Aim for the corners and don't miss the goal. You can have a group play a game with it. Line up and if you hit the goalie, you're out, or if you miss. Last man / woman standing wins.
3. Hit the Cone
    This is better for beginners and younger players. They have to hit the top cone / Bucket off the goalie. 2 points for hitting the top cone, 1 point for the other boxes. Make up a number and see who out of two players can get the most points in a time limit. a coach or parent can help set it back up quickly when it falls.
4. Top Or Bottom

     This is for very new players.A long piece of tape divides the wall / tarp in half. A coach or parent tells them which part to hit, the top or bottom. Once the player gets better at it they can back up to make it more challenging. This drill is meant for people who have never played to get a feel for there stick.

Step 4: The End

The end