Introduction: Backyard Quidditch Game

We had a small Halloween party with lots of kids and wanted them to have lots of fun, so we thought "How 'bout Quidditch?"

Step 1: Things Needed:

  • A Backyard
  • A Large Sturdy Tree With Big Healthy Branches
  • A PVC Tube (or just a light piece of wood)
  • A Tennis Ball
  • A Net With A Handle
  • Light Racket (in case, it hits somebody's head, the head would survive)
  • A Pool Noodle
  • A Helmet
  • Some Strong Rope (to hold a person)
  • Some Lighter Rope (to hold a tennis ball)
  • Scissors
  • Strong Duct Tape
  • Hot Glue

Step 2: Make a Broom

For the broom, we took a piece of a PVC tube. It's light enough and strong the same time. It looked better with real twigs, but it also looked way more dangerous to fly on. So, for the brush, we used a pool noodle divided into tinier branch-like sticks. Insert it into the tube and secure with a duct tape.

Step 3: Getting the Game Setup

First take your strong rope and throw it over a high tree branch. This is very hard to do sometimes so make sure you have lots of time, energy and patience. Make sure you have a very long rope, because it must be at least twice the distance from the ground to the branch, and you want to double your safety. Once you managed to attach the rope to the branch, you need to attach a broom to another end of it. Make sure the PVC tube is sitting tightly in the knot without moving in any direction.

Repeat for the lighter rope and attach a tennis ball to it. That came out to be tricky, but you can drill a hole and use some glue to cement the whole thing.

Step 4: Game Rules


A 'witch' or a 'wizard' that rides the broom. A helmet is mandatory!

A 'helper' or two who push the witch in the needed direction.

A 'snitch-er' or two who send the ball in the direction opposite to the witch using rackets.

The goal of the witch is to catch the snitch (the ball!) with a net. The goal of the snitch team is to make it harder. Once the witch caught the snitch, she gets a point and becomes a snitch-er. The snitch-er becomes a helper. And the helper becomes a wizard. Every player should have a chance to ride the broom. If the wizards tend to sit on the broom without catching anything for an annoyingly long period of time, set them a time limit.

Step 5: Disclamer

Better do not try that at home. But if you can not resist, make sure the kids are never left unsupervised!

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