Introduction: Bacon Beef Butter Biscuits!

Regular biscuits not cutting it? Want more bacon in your life? Want a just plain awesome snack? Try Bacon Beef Butter Biscuits! A great heaping serving of Awesome for any meal.

Step 1: Ingredients! Or: Stuff You Need!

You will need:
An oven/stove combo. (not sure if they make them separately, actually)
"Jiffy" baking mix, or similar.
Measuring cup
Beef Stock

Step 2: Everyone's Favorite Meat

Everyone loves bacon. It's been scientifically proven.
First off, you'll need 4 (I'd recommend more, but I ran out) strips of bacon.
Make the bacon however you like, but it should be crispy.
My personal method is to flip it once or twice every couple minutes, then when the fat gets to be covering almost the entire pan, drain the fat. flip the bacon, and resume cooking until extra crispy.
Once it reaches the desired cooked-ness, we move on to:

Step 3: Mixing Everything Together and Making It Look Good, Too

Now that we have our bacon, let's break it.
Take each strip and pull/pinch/rip off chunks of bacon roughly the size of your thumbnail. Use larger chunks if you are using more bacon, and smaller chunks if you are going to make smaller biscuits.
Now to mix some stuff together.
Start with an empty mixing bowl, measure and add 2 cups Jiffy mix.
Next, measure and add 2 cups beef stock, and quickly throw in the bacon chips you just made.

Step 4: Mix Until Your Arm Hurts.

Mix the baking mix, beef stock, and bacon with a High-Performance Mixing Unit(or as we call it, a Fork), for about 2-3 minutes. your goal is to get something the consistency of cold chunky peanut butter.
Once your arm starts to hurt, take your butter (2-3 tbsp) and place it in your Melting Containment Unit. (plastic thingy). Microwave for 30 seconds if cold(30 seconds if warm, too), then quickly put it in your bowl. At this point, you have to mix it very thoroughly, for about 5 minutes, long enough for the butter to cool down.
Your end product should now be the consistency of warm chunky peanut butter.
Now, on to...

Step 5: Baking! Finally!

Once all the ingredients are mixed, turn your oven on to 450 degrees (F, not C.)
you're going to want to get your cookie sheet and spoon out.
Grease the pan with non-stick cooking oil or whatever you want to use (as long as it's non-stick cooking something), then grease the spoon. (it works a lot better, actually)
Your goal is to make 10-12 globs of dough, evenly spaced on the cookie sheet.
This should take you about long enough for your oven to pre-heat, so when you're done, pop that cookie sheet in there, and set your timer for 7 minutes.
Amuse yourself in the meantime by talking to your oven mitt, or maybe just wash the dishes.

After 7 minutes, check the biscuits. they should look like they're done, the bottoms golden brown and the tops splitting open at some points.
Don't believe their lies, because they're not done.
Turn your oven off, leave the biscuits in there, and set your timer for 3 more minutes.

Step 6: Done! Eat!

After 3 minutes, take them out of the oven, and let cool for 4-5 more minutes.
The Bacon Beef Butter Biscuits are now done!
You can enjoy them as a side for soup, as biscuits usually are enjoyed, as a breakfast addition, or you could eat them all before you do any of those things, because they are quite hard to resist.
This is actually my third batch, I ate a batch and a half while trying to get my camera.