Bacon & Blue Cheese Burgers

Introduction: Bacon & Blue Cheese Burgers

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Welcome to my second ever instructable!

This is one of the best type of burgers I've ever had. Period. I decided to try and create my own burger.

For this delicious burger you will need:
-ground beef
-bacon bits
-blue cheese
-spices of your choice
-salt and pepper 
-hamburger buns
-your choice of burger toppings
-thousand island dressing

Step 1: Mix Ingredients

Mix the beef, cheese, spices, salt, and pepper all in a big bowl using your hands. If you don't want to get dirty, you can use some gloves. Mix evenly and break up the cheese crumbles.

Step 2: Shape Patties

This is the fun part! Take some delicious ground hamburger beef and roll it into a ball with your hands. Then flatten it to a patty to your desired thickness. I made some thicker ones, thinner ones, smaller, larger, etc.

Step 3: Grilling Time

Heat up your grill to high heat and grill your patties for about 3-4 minutes on each side. Cut open some to ensure that they are not raw. Grill some buns also, and when they're done, assemble your burger with your toppings and dressing!

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