Introduction: Bacon-Boudin-Quesadilla-Sandwich

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By now just about everyone has seen some form of a bacon taco online or on a Food Network feature. I had considered attempting one before, but I never planned around the idea, until now.

I had recently purchased a pack of thick cut peppercorn bacon and only cooked a small amount of it. Then one morning I realized that it has been in the fridge a bit too long and needed to be cooked pronto. (Note: I usually use the 1 gallon ziploc bag freezing trick, but didn't on that occasion. Generally I separate it into 3 slice servings and place in the bag, folding in between each portion, then freezing it. The ziploc layer between folds keeps the portions separated.) I can't let bacon go bad, that would be blasphemy, so I decided attempt something new. Enough of my yammering on, I'll get on with it... See the end for my tasting notes and other suggestions.

For those of you counting calories, you can have a free day right? Go on, you know want to keep reading. ;)

Step 1: Ingredients and Such.

We'll get started with pulling out a cutting board, knife, 2 skillets, and a grease trap. The smaller of the 2 skillets will be used for grilling onions. The large 12 in cast iron skillet will be for pan frying.


1/8 Cup vegetable Oil (Bacon grease goes a long way.)

Bacon – 10 slices. I'm using thick peppercorn bacon from Krogers, which I prefer over name brands. Though thin sliced may work better for a crunchier shell.

Boudin – 3 links Cajun variety. (Edit: 2 and ½ links boudin. I had to snack a bit.)

1 Small Onion

3-4 small cloves of garlic.

Cheese – I'm using Colby and Monterrey Jack, a Mexican blend should suit this well.

Note: Boudin referred to in this instructable is of the Cajun variety of Boudin Blanc.

Think about it. Boudin, which is a pork rice dressing shoved into pork casings, then it's being topped with onions and cheese and placed in between bacon.

Step 2: Getting Started.

We'll start with cutting the onions and garlic, then tossing them into the smaller skillet with a touch of olive oil. Setting the burner at about medium for now should be good. Stir accordingly.

Next we're gonna take the boudin and cut it into 1 1/2” to 2” pieces and set it aside in a bowl. (Boudin is typically already cooked.)

Step 3: Top Shell & Grilling Onions.

Now we'll weave the bacon together to form the top shell and bottom shell.

We'll cook the top shell first. Place your bacon top into the large skillet, on just above medium heat. That'll be when the grease trap comes into play. Every kitchen should have one of these. Cook until browned on one side and flip. Use your bacon press (if applicable) to iron out the floppy sections. You'll want your bacon crisp. While you're cooking your bacon, remember to keep an eye on your onions.

Once you have your bacon top cooked set it on a plate to the side and lower the heat on oil.

Note: Baking the bacon weave in the oven will likely result in a crispier shell. Plus flipping the weave can be troublesome.

Step 4: Bottom Shell and Finishing.

Using the same steps as the top, we'll proceed to cook the bacon bottom. Once you brown the bottom and flip it, spread the boudin pieces evenly over the bacon bottom. Then take the grilled onions and garlic, and spread evenly. Next add the layer of cheese, and top with the bacon top. Then I topped it off with the press, giving it a little press, and then angled the grease trap accordingly.

Step 5: Finish, Serving, & Afterword.

Once you've pulled the sandwich off and set it on a paper towel covered dish, give it a few minute before cutting it into portions.
I cut it in half and put some sour cream into a bowl on the side. Served myself and my brother.

The taste of this was quite awesome, but I'd like to add the following notes...

I used mild boudin instead of spicy, I figured that the mild would do well enough since I was using peppered bacon. In retrospect, I believe this could've been even better with spicy boudin and maybe some grilled jalapenoes thrown in with the onions and garlic. Some salsa on the side may have been a good option, but I only had strange salsas in my fridge that wouldn't mix well with this.

Perhaps adding a batter and light breading to the bacon after the bacon is cooked will make a better standalone shell.

I know that some who try boudin aren't fond of the casings, an option there is to squeeze the stuffing out and form it into a patty. Or if available in area, simply use fresh made boudin balls.

This recipe could also be well suited for use on a George Forman grill.

After my posting of this into my Food album on my Facebook, some friends said that I must go over and cook this. So I'll be doing this again next Sunday as a side for a barbecue. I'll likely prep it the night before, as I'll be heading over to their house Sunday after a 12 hour shift.

Of course, add your own flair to it as you prefer.

Let me know how yours came out and what you've done differently.

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