Introduction: Bacon CAKE!!!!!

 if you watch the video skip to 8:50 to watch the creation the first 8 minutes is us buying the things. Ever been hyped up on monster and hungry? i'm not talking normal hungry, I'm talking nothing can stop your hunger crazed destructive path hungry. Well if you are that hungry then this is for you. trust me this cake will sit in your stomach like a sack of bricks. what you will need for this build: cake(of your choice), Bacon, Brown sugar, maple syrup, monster (can be substituted by vodka), hershey bar, m&m's, milky way, snickers, bacon grease.
now to build this meal of epic proportions...
you will need: a cooking sheet, two pants (double boiler), possibly a skillet, a measuring cup
step one: lay out yo bacon strips on the cooking sheet
step two take about 1 cup of brown sugar and as much maple syrup as desired. spread it on all of the bacon. this will effectively candy the bacon
step three: mix one monster can, maple syrup, and brown sugar in a pot then put on stove. add bacon grease/fat when bacon is done cooking
step four: put the sauce concoction in step 3 on a heater when it comes to a boil, put the various chocolates in a pot then place the pot on top of the sauce pot making a double boiler.
step five: once chocolate is melted take it off the heater and pour the sauce into the cake very slowly and carefully don't put too much or it will get soggy, just put enough so it is moist (like in the video)
step six: once the sauce is in the cake take the melted chocolate and drizzle it over creating a 2nd layer of iceing. once the icing 
step seven: now its time for the candied bacon, we personally like to weave the bacon like a basket but do how you like aslong as it ends up on top of the cake just like in the video, now whatever sauce you have left you can drizzle over the bacon if desired.
step eight: grab some mofuggin forks and knives and feed that candied pig carcass to your children, your grandchildren then go over to an orphanage and force feed them to... but seriously after about three bites of cake i was full, this thing could feed a village but its soo delicious. and its perfect as or with any meal breakfast, lunch, dinner brunch, brinner, linner, hell you can even make up a meal time for this its that fantastic.