Introduction: Bacon Cookies

Well hello there manly men of the internets. I've been gone for a while and for that I am sorry. I've been busy. But now I have returned so lets move on from this awkward greeting and go forth with our culinary

Baking cookies is for girls, I know. That's why these cookies have bacon in them, and that's why these cookies are MAN FOOD.


Squiggle brands are the best brands
FLOUR----------------2 1/3 Cups
SALT ------------------ 1/2 Tspn.
SUGAR ----------------3/4 Cup
BROWN SUGAR -- 3/4 Cup (packed)
BAKING SODA ------1 Tspn.
VANILLA ---------------1 Tspn.
BUTTER---------------1 Cup
BACON ---------------1 Lb.
    Make your bacon oven style. 450° about ten minutes each side
    While your bacon is a simmering start by combining your dry ingredients (Flour, salt, baking soda). In a separate bowl goes your butter and both sugars and vanilla. Mix that mother up all nice like. When your wet bowl is of an even consistency combine it with the dry bowl.

Throwing knives for protection. Bacon makes a man do crazy things.
With your cooked bacon diced and crumbled nicely combine the last of the remaining ingredients. Set your oven to 375° and place cookies like thus:

Bake these tasty treats for about 10-15 minutes. Then lay them out to cool using your throwing knives to fend off monstrous waves of maddened men driven crazy by the baconed salty sweetness of your creation.

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