Introduction: Bacon Egg Scarf/Hoodie

keep warm with your favorite food items!
bacon and eggs

Step 1: Materials!

1) white sweatshirt with hood that fits (cheap at used clothing store)
2) scissors/fabric cutter
3) needle and thread (yellow and maroon)
4) felt (9 x 12" yellow, maroon and cream colored were used, depending on bacon color you may choose to use pink felt)
5) hot glue (optional, not shown but used)

Step 2: Cutting Up the Sweatshirt

1) cut off the hood of the sweatshirt leaving approximately one inch of fabric around edges
2) cut the hood in front if it is attached to separate the two halves
3) cut the elastic band off the sweatshirt and front pocket if it has one
4) make sure the sweatshirt lines up and cut two 3" x 7" rectangles (folding it will yield four rectangles)

Step 3: Bacon Lining

5) sew the rectangles together at the ends that are 3" to form the scarf lining, you should have a long thin scarf-like structure at the end
*the lining is optional, you can just use felt, but it's a little scratchy

Step 4: Egg Hoodie

6) trace a large circle, diameter ~6in onto the yellow felt
7) cut circle out
8) sew it onto the center of the hood you cut from the sweatshirt

Step 5: Attach Hoodie to Scarf Lining

8) line up the center of the hood in the middle of the four panels of the lining
9) sew the hoodie to the scarf lining that you made in the center
10) allow the lining to cover the 1" that you left around the hood

Step 6: Make Bacon Strips

11) using the scarf width to approximate, take the cream colored felt and create 6 wavy rectangles that are about the same thickness as the lining and 12 " long
*if you can get larger felt pieces so you can make one giant bacon piece, that would also work
12) cut 3-4 irregular wavy strips of crimson fabric the widest being 1" thick for the meat of each cream bacon base
13) hot glue or sew (with the maroon thread) the irregular wavy strips onto the cream colored base of the bacon

Step 7: Attach Bacon to Lining

14) sew or hot glue the bacon strips individually onto the lining
*sewing is recommended for more flexible and durable garments
**a combination of hot glue and sewing was used here to test if the scarf/hoodie would look nice

Step 8: Model Bacon and Eggs

15) dazzle the world 
**modeled by my roomie.
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