Introduction: Bacon Gravy

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I love bacon and hate to waste so bacon gravy lets me do both. I can get all the flavor of bacon and not have to throw out the bacon grease.

Step 1: Ingredients

Black Pepper


Step 2: Cook Bacon

Cook some bacon. You will be using the grease from the bacon to create the gravy. Cook the bacon to the crispiness you like it and then remove from the skillet. Be sure to leave the grease. After cooking the bacon you can add any bacon grease you have left over from another bacon dish such as bacon toaster pastries

Step 3: Add the Milk

Set the heat to medium-high. Slowly add one cup of milk.

Step 4: Add the Dry Ingredients

Add flour a little at a time. Stir with your wisk. The amount you add depends on how much bacon grease you have. Just add until you have a nice color.

This is also when you can add some sugar. I only added a pinch.

Then add black pepper to taste.

Stir until the mixture boils. It will take on a creamy brown color.

Step 5: Serve or Store

You can add your gravy to biscuits, toast, or even as filling in a bacon toaster pastry . If you have any left over you can store it for a day or two.

NOTE: You can crumble bacon into the gravy. I like my bacon whole, but to each his own.

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