Introduction: Bacon Normandy

All right bacon lovers this is another way to utilize some of the bacon you bought in bulk. This is a great dish for a party or as a main dish. Bacon and pasta, the only remaining food group is cheese. I will have to work on adding more cheese but for now enjoy this bacony treat.

Step 1: Here Is What You Will Need

Bacon- I used the ends and pieces. Not only are they cheaper but they bacon was really good.
Pasta- this was some cheap elbowish pasta but any kind will do, from shells to pearl couscous.
Apple cider vinegar- adds a nice sweet taste
brown sugar- even more sweet
Frozen broccoli Normandy mix-you can use fresh but this was already cut up and everything

Step 2: Start With the Bacon

Best part first. I used about a third of that package of bacon and I chopped it up into about 1/2" cubes or smaller. Then into a pot with a lid and put it over medium heat. The bacon cooks in its own yummy goodness, but you will have to give it a stir everyonce in a while to prevent it from burning.

Step 3: Boil Up Some Pasta

This is an easy step. Water, a pot, heat and pasta. Boil until done. How do you know when the pasta are done you may ask? Simple I say, the pasta is done when you can toss one up and have it stick to the ceiling. Don't get caught though! And I didn't tell you how to do that.

Step 4: Steam the Veggies

I used a steam basket and the same pot I boiled the pasta in, after they were done and draining of course. I put a little bit of water in the bottom of the pot, then added the steam basket and Normandy mix. I turned the heat up because I wanted to steam the frozen stuff and I was impatient. I used high heat. once the water was boiling I dropped the lid on top and gave them about 10 minutes from hard frozen to crunchy steamed. The crunchiness of the vegetables adds a different texture to the dish.

Step 5: Bacon's Best Friend, When Cheese Isn't Around

Chop up one whole onion in to 1/2" pieces or smaller and add to your frying bacon once the bacon is mostly done. You want to add the onion before the bacon is crunchy but after it is past the chewy stage. Stir it all together.

Step 6: The Seasonings, the Spice of Life.

To the bacon and onions, add 1/2 cup of apple cider vinegar and increase your heat some. You want the heat high enough to cook off some of the vinegar but leave the nice apple taste. Once your vinegar has cooked down a little, add the same amount of brown sugar and reduce the heat. Stir everything together. This will make a syrupy goopy bacon mess which is perfect for our needs. Reducing the heat will help to prevent scorching the brown sugar as will stirring it constantly.

Step 7: Mix It Up

By this time you pasta should be cooked (and a few pieces might be falling on your head), and the veggies should have enough steam on them to finish this dish. I just dumped the veggies on top of the pasta in the strainer in the sink, then I dumped everything (pasta, veggies and bacon mix)back into the pot I steamed everything in. Stir everything up well. You want the bacon and brown sugar to coat ever little morsel of pasta and vegetables. Once that's done it time for the best part.

Step 8: Time to Eat

Into a bowl it goes. You really want to serve this meal hot as the bacon dripping will add an undesirable texture once the mix cools off. I really like mine with a bit of crushed red pepper on top (the kind used on pizzas) .It adds a little spice. Hope yall enjoy this, thanks for viewing.