Introduction: Bacon Puffs

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 Yes people they do exist bacon puffs much like there cheesy cousin they are crunchy and who the hell, other than the ignorant, doesn't like bacon. I found this and wanted to share it with my favorite site and the people on it. I have them all the time and I love them.

Ingredients used:
Gourmet Bacon Pellets 
Gourmet Savory Barbecue Seasoning 
Plain Corn oil
all found on this site:

Pretty much just fry them in a deep fryer or stove top, what ever works, at 400 degrees.
Getting it just right may be a little iffy, one sure fire way is to time it – and, once you’ve done 20 or 30 baskets full, you’ll have a pretty good idea of what they look like and how long they are cooking in the “puff” position before they are finished cooking.

Please note – if you under-cook them, you will have some crest – almost impossible to break without a breaking tooth – if you cook them too long, they may not taste just right – maybe a little too greasy.

Take the seasoning and high above the puffs, set out on a tray, very lightly sprinkle then with two passes then toss together spread them out again and do one more pass.

 next serve and eat.

Oh and sorry a bout the pictures it was all I could find and I have no camera.