Introduction: Bacon Toffee

It's not just bacon.
It's not even just chocolate covered bacon.
It's crispy drippings toffee covered in chocolate and topped with bacon!

Quit drooling on your keyboard...

And it is easily broken into pieces so you can share with your friends. Or give some to your enemies and do your part to bring on world peace, whatever.

Please remember to wash your hands and keep a clean kitchen!

You will need:
1/2 pound of bacon, cut into pieces or minced
1/2 stick (1/4 cup) butter
1 oz milk
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup semi sweet chocolate chips
graham crackers or saltine crackers

medium size heavy sauce pot
baking sheet (10inx13in or so)
aluminum foil
food processor or a strong forearm and a whisk
misc kitchen tools

Step 1: Bacon!

Of course, let's start with the bacon.  I used something readily available in my area and often used to add flavor to soups, chili and beans; bacon ends and pieces.  You could use regular sliced bacon just as easily.

You could take my route and your 1/2 pound of bacon can be cut up into a fine chop.
Alternatively, cut the bacon slices into squares or slivers to be used as the final topping.

Brown your bacon over medium low heat until nice a crispy.  Drain well into a measuring cup, reserve 1/4 cup for the toffee recipe and save the rest to cook your eggs in tomorrow morning.  Don't you dare throw out that liquid gold!

Using paper towels, pat any remaining grease from the bacon crumbles. Set aside.

Step 2: Toffee!

First, preheat the oven to 350F to bake the toffee.
Second, cover the rimmed cookie sheet with foil and grease the foil.
Third, emulsify your 1/4 cup of bacon grease.

My first attempt was with just bacon grease and sugar. Burnt, smelly, pain in the bum to clean mess!  My guess is that it had something to do with there being no water for the sugar to react with.  Butter is about 80% fat, 15-18% water and 2-5% milk solids, mostly protein. I gave my 1/2 cup (4oz) of bacon grease a whirl in my mini food processor with 1oz skim milk to emulsify it.  If you need the math, that makes it 80% fat and 20%water/milk proteins.  It looked like butter and my leftovers have about the same consistensy of butter once it was chilled.

I combined the melted butter and sugar first then stirred in the emulsified bacon drippings.  Dripping butter = Drutter?

Get it bubbling, cook about 4 minutes over low heat, give it a good whisk and pour over your crackers. Spread it around and slide it in that oven for 10 minutes. (You did preheat it, right?)

While you are waiting, pop on over to  so as the thank starshipminivan for the base toffee recipe.

Ok, now pull it out of the oven and move on to the next step.

Step 3: Chocolate!

Sprinkle the chocolate chips over the the toffee while it is still hot. Leave it alone for a few minutes then spread it around.

Sprinkle your reserved bacon evenly over the top and press gently into the chocolate so it doesn't flake off.

Refrigerate until nice and firm, around 30min.

Break it up into random pieces or score between the crackers for more uniform servings.

Try not to eat it all in one sitting. Better yet, give it away so you can make more!

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