Introduction: Bacon Wrapped Chicken

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This is an easy Instructable that takes 25-30 minutes hope ya'll enjoy... Bacon wrapped chicken rolled in Brown Sugar sprinkled in cinnamon and sugar

Step 1: Ingredients

Okay you will need some Chicken, Bacon, Brown Sugar and **Optional** Cinnamon and Sugar mixed for the chicken, makes it sweeter

Step 2: Cut Chicken

So I find it easier to cut the chicken about 2 inches or more and in long strips, easier to wrap and overall good taste of chicken to bacon

Step 3: Optional Step

On this one I sprinkle the chicken with the cinnamon and sugar mix not to much unless you want it sweeter. ***Also experiment with different flavors to the chicken (Lemon pepper my first try lol)

Step 4: BACON!!!

Okay now it's time to wrap the chicken in bacon. I find it a lot easier to place the bacon on one side of cutting board press down on the end and pull.

Step 5: Wrapped and Ready for Sugar

After wrapping them just pour sugar on paper plate and roll them that easy

Step 6: Bake, Broil and ENJOY

Okay this is the easy part. Put in oven for 25-30 mins on 375F and for the last 5-10 mins broil each side until cooked. * ALSO check to make sure it's cooked I always check temp. I get the biggest piece and make sure it's cooked. For these internal temp. Should be 170F
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