Bacon Wrapped Fatty

Introduction: Bacon Wrapped Fatty

This is a family favorite.  It has a lot of flavor.  Putzy but fun to make.  You will need 4 hands to roll.  Use indirect heat or a smoker.

Step 1: Tools and Ingredients

1 ziploc gallon size freezer bag
1 rolling pin
wax paper

Meat Wrap:
1 lb beef or pork (we used beef)
1-1/2 lbs bacon

This is the fun part.  You can use anything to taste.  Shown here:
Feta Cheese
Sweet Peppers
Hot peppers

Step 2: Prepare Grill

Light coals and when hot, push to the outside.  Fatty will cook in middle of grill.  If using a gas grill, turn off middle burner and cook meat over middle burner.

Step 3: Put Meat in Bag

Place 1 lb beef into ziploc bag and seal.  Leave a small opening for air to escape.

Step 4: Roll Meat

Use rolling pin to roll out meat filling bag.

Step 5: Transfer to Wax Paper

Cut open plastic bag.  Lay wax paper on top of exposed meat.  Flip package so plastic is on top and peel off ziploc bag leaving meat on wax paper.  You might need help here.

Step 6: Add Fillings


Step 7: Green Peppers

Step 8: Hot Peppers

Step 9: Spinich

Step 10: Cheese

Step 11: Make Bacon Weave

We found if we placed the meat in the fridge for a bit it firms up for rolling.  In the mean time make a basket weave about the same size as the fattie rectangle.

Step 12: Roll

I know this is the important part, butI haven't got any good pictures of this, because I needed my photographer to help roll. 

Take your meat out of the fridge and using the wax paper, begin to roll, taking care not to make it too tight or it will break up the meat.  Don't worry if it cracks a bit.  The bacon wrap holds it all together. 

Place this roll on the bacon and roll again making sure the the bacon ends are on the bottom.

This is a picture of the finished product.  That's my husband who is pointing to his new "Slap Chop" that he wanted so badly and promptly broke.

Step 13: Place on Grill

Cook for about an hour and a half.

Step 14: Enjoy!!!

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    11 years ago on Step 11

    Just wondering, whats the technique for bacon-weaving? I've never done it and I don't see a particularly easy way to do it.


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 11

    Ahh, Good question. I learned to weave like this in Girl Scouts.

    Lay out your horizontal pieces first. From from one end (I started from the right) fold back every other piece and lay the 1st bacon strip down vertically across the pieces not folded back.

    Now from the other end, fold back the pieces that were left down back over the first vertical piece. Lay your second piece of bacon down.

    Repeat until your bacon weave is complete.


    Reply 11 years ago on Step 11

    Thanks. Sounds tasty. I'll have to try it someday, and then never again for the sake of my arteries.