Introduction: Bacon Treasure Box

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This is my bacon treasure box,

Who doesn't want to wake up to a treasure?

This box is filled with eggs,  and coins made of cheese.

Step 1: What You Need


Foil- for the inside structure of the box

Eggs- for the gold inside, yarrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

Cheese sticks white and yellow -( white) for the coins  /   ( yellow) lock and bolts

Avocado- for the metal look around the box

Tooth picks or wood coffee stir sticks- to hold box open for presentation

BACON!!!!- any kind, just make sure you account for shrinkage during cooking    

I used turkey bacon

lower fat content = less shrinkage :)

Step 2: The Foil Box

Start by making a box out of foil. You will need a base and a lid.

For the base just make four walls, but make them strong.

For the lid create supports, these will help hold the weight of the bacon once you put it on top.

Make sure the lid and the base fit together in the shape you want.

Important!!!! make sure your box can hold the weight of the bacon, add extra foil to make sure it will.

Step 3: Place Bacon Around Box

Cook your bacon first ( part way ) by baking it for 5-10 min at  275 F     DO NOT FRY!!!!!!

Once it is part way cooked you should notice a little shrinkage that is a good thing :)

Now over lap your bacon as you place it around the base of your box letting the ends hang off the side

For the lid make sure to over lap and weave your bacon, it will help hold it in place

Once you have done both the base and the lid, cut the extra ends off the base ( shown in picture)

Keep extra ends you may need them later.

Place Base, Lid, and extra ends on cookie sheet back in the oven for another 20-30 min or until bacon is how you like it.

Step 4: Avocado Anyone

As the bacon is cooking start getting ready the rest of the box

Avocado skin will act as the metal around the box

First cut the avocado so you can get the longest and straightest rectangular peace, do this by cutting the avocado in circles. than cut the circle on one side and remove MOST BUT NOT ALL the meat of the avocado.

( leave a little "meat" on the skins so they will stick to the box easier)

Lay out your best peaces and figure out which ones you want , and where you want to put them on your box.

Mix up left over avocado, you will use it to help stick items to your box.

Step 5: CHEESE !!!!!!

Cheese will act as the coins, lock, and bolts.


Take your white string cheese and cut it into flat coin shapes.


Take your yellow cheese, cut two strips no thicker than 1/4 inch, 1/2 wide and 4 inches long.

Cut 1 inch away from each strip, place them together to create 1 square inch.

Cut a square in the center of the square inch of cheese to create a lock ( shown in picture )

Cut the rest of the yellow cheese into little rectangles, squares or what ever you want your bolts to look like .

Step 6: Bacon Is Done!!!

this step is simple, after you pull your bacon from the oven you will notice shrinkage. Take your extra bacon peaces that you cut off earlier and patch up the areas where the foil is showing. place a little avocado on the extra bacon peaces to help them stick to the foil.

Step 7: Put It Together

Cook some eggs, anyway you like and place them into the box with the white cheese coins.

Take the avocado skins and place them around the box in the pattern you desire.

Take the yellow Cheese lock and bolts and place a little avocado on them, and stick them to your box.

Last use wood coffee stirs or tooth picks to help prop open you box.

Your done.

If you do this in the order that this instructable was presented you should be able to serve the meal Hot!!! and that means you may even have steam coming off the eggs and out of the box!  

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