Introduction: Badmintion Shuttle Launcher

Hi everyone today I will be teaching you on how to make a badminton shuttle launcher. Its a super fun tool to help you improve your game.


the Supplies that you will need are

1) Motors that spin Fast

2) 2 square batries

3) A laser cutter if possible

4) 3mm mdf

5) 2 wheels that fit on top of the motors

Step 1: Measure Distance: Badminton Shuttle Launcher

I laser cut a couple times to make sure my distances were correct so that all of the distances work and the motors are snug and don't fall out.

For me my motors diameter was 28 mm and I had to leave a 30 cm distance from side to side. It can be different for you if you use different motors.

You can do many repeats of the same process to make sure it works perfectly.

Step 2: Get Your Final Design

Congrats if you have reached this far!!! Now you are at the final last steps.

The shape of the enclosed object should be a box so that you can make it lean against other items and have different angles to add a wider range of shots.

I made my shape of the object a box I used a website called it has many options to chose from I choose the closed box as I thought would be good for beginners to learn you can chose others and tell me how it worked in the comments below.

Make sure the dimensions are the same to make the shuttle fly

Step 3: Code

Now comes the hardest step you can use an Arduino board which I used I have linked the code in the images bellow or you could get your own type of board.

Asked what are we using this board for great question. Someone has gotta control the motors for doing this we used an arduino.

Step 4: Finish

Great you would have had your design ready now put it all together and enjoy your game!!!