Introduction: Badminton Serve Device

"As the service marks the start of every rally and subsequently dictates its flow, it is a crucial aspect of the game to get right in badminton." Badminton serve plays a significant role in each game. In order to win, one should lower the risk to serve wrongly. This device increases the accuracy of the serving action, which is the first step of defeating your opponent(s). Once the ball drops into the box after you serve, the photoresistor will detect the badminton that blocks the light, the speaker will then make noises which means your serve is accurate.

Step 1: Materials

  • Arduino breadboard*1
  • Arduino Leonardo with header*1
  • Jumper wires*7
  • 470-ohm resistors(Blue one)*1
  • Photoresistor*1
  • Arduino Cable*1
  • Speaker*1
  • Cardboard*1
  • Thick paper(A3)*2
  • Tape
  • Scissor*1
  • Decorations(optional)

Step 2: Steps

  1. Start by folding a square box using one A3 thick paper (Here's the link if you have no idea about how to fold a box)

2. Cut the box according to the length shown on the top of this section

3. Cut the other thick paper horizontally and fold it according to the length shown on the top of this section (it has to be hollow)

4. Attach all the components on the breadboard based on the third picture provided above

5. Cover the breadboard with the square box and cut a hole on top of the photoresistor

6. Attach the rectangle thingy you created on step 3 on top of the square box

7. Connect your Arduino to your laptop using the USB cable

8. Download the code from the provided link

9. Upload the code

10. Done!!

Step 3: Programming

Click the link and download the code:

Step 4: Finished!!! Congrats!!!

Start Practicing with it, I believe you can easily beat your opponents once you started using this device~

HAVE FUN!!! :)